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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Pregnant woman convicted of drug-smuggling sentenced to life imprisonment

5 June 2009

A pregnant woman convicted of drug-smuggling has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Laos. There have been allegations that she became pregnant in order to avoid execution, as under Laotian law pregnant woman cannot be executed. There are moves to transfer her to a British jail. [Times, 4 June]

The archbishop of Madrid has warned the Spanish government that it cannot force doctors to perform abortions. Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela said that the matter was "very clear" and that Catholic politicians "cannot be active subjects in the drafting of a law" allowing abortion. The Spanish government has proposed allowing easier access to abortion and abortifacients. [Catholic News Agency, 4 June]

The speaker of the US House of Representatives has implied that embryonic stem cell research has saved lives. Paying tribute to Nancy Reagan, widow of Ronald Reagan, the pro-life former president, Mrs Pelosi said: "Your support for stem cell research has made a significant difference in the lives of many American people. It has saved lives, it has found cures, it has given hope to people." Mrs Reagan is a prominent promoter of embryonic stem cell research. [LifeNews, 3 June] Contrary to Mrs Pelosi's claims, embryo research has yet to produce any benefits in human patients.

Police in the American state of Arizona are alleged to have flushed the remains of an unborn child down a toilet. The police found the remains in a motel room after responding to an emergency call alerting them to a miscarriage. A police sergeant commented: "At no point should an officer do what he did. It could have been part of a possible crime scene. We do not know how the miscarriage occurred. It could have been a result of drug use or another criminal act." [95.8 Capital FM, 5 June]

A boy born with cerebral palsy has gone on become a champion golfer. Doctors had told the parents of Brandon Craggs, now 11 years old, that he would might never walk properly or play sports. Brandon was born five weeks prematurely. [Daily Mail, 5 June]

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