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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Oldest recorded mum says: "No regrets"

20 July 2009

The oldest recorded mother told a television channel before her death that she had no regrets about conceiving children in old age. Carmen Bousada, who died this month aged 69, had given birth aged 66 to twins conceived via IVF. Ms Bousada said: "[K]nowing [my children] will be looked after by my family does give me peace of mind." [Daily Mail, 19 July]

Other stories:

20,000 March against Abortion in Cameroon, Africa [, 17 July]

A new study from England finds that women who have repeat abortions are more likely to be involved in abusive relationships with their partner. [, 17 July]

'I have no regrets': Deathbed words of world's oldest mother who kept cancer secret from twins [Daily Mail, 19 July]

Parents will be given barely any say in the content of sex education classes under Government plans to make the subject compulsory for children as young as five, a report warns today. [Daily Mail, 20 July]

Croydon mum launches campaign for kids to opt out of sex education [This is Croydon, 20 July]

Drop-in sessions offering pregnancy testing and condom distribution due to start in school in Andover, England [This is Hampshire, 19 July]

14 pre-teenage girls have become pregnant over the past five years in Scotland, according to official figures [Scotland on Sunday, 19 July]

Debate whether kid's books should contain subjects such as abortion and sex [Daily Express, 20 July]

Report says funding pressures and a shortage of qualified midwives and consultants contributing to deaths of almost 300 babies a year in Wales [Wales Online, 20 July]

State prosecutors in Zurich have unveiled new rules governing the way assisted suicide organisations such as Dignitas are allowed to operate [Telegraph, 18 July]

The Welsh Assembly Government's Counsel General, the most senior law officer in Wales, has spoken out in favour of assisted suicide for the terminally ill. [Wales Online, 20 July]

Latest letters in The Times debating assisted suicide, including from Lord Joffe and Catholic bishops [Times, 20 July]

Another letter from Care Not Killing [Times, 19 July] SPUC is a core member of Care Not Killing.

Interview with man under investigation for crime of assisted suicide [Daily Express, 19 July]

Testimony of of father-in-law who committed suicide at the Dignitas centre, Switzerland with no prior notice to his family [Telegraph, 19 July]

Interview with a man who took his wife to Dignitas [Telegraph, 19 July]

Peter Hitchens, the right-wing columnist, warns of a progression from abortion to euthanasia [Mail on Sunday, 19 July]

A mum of four at 18! Teenager has her hands full with triplets and a toddler [Daily Mail, 20 July]

Candidate in Glasgow North-East by-election says his Catholic faith is a private matter [Daily Express, 20 July]

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