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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Maternal health key to children in later life

22 July 2009

Maternal health prior to pregnancy may affect children's later health. Studies reported at a meeting in Pittsburgh, America, suggest that maternal nutrition, protein intake and level of fat in the mother's diet may cause damaging changes in her unborn child. [Medical News Today, 22 July]

Other stories:

Rocco Buttiglione, a prominent Catholic Italian politician says pro-lifers went wrong in pitting child against mother [National Catholic Reporter, 17 July]

Cardinal Antonio Canizares, a senior Vatican official, says that Spain's laws, which "must protect the defenceless, are being used today to eliminate those who are weak, innocent and defenceless." [Catholic News Agency, 21 July]

A doctor in Spain who ran several abortion centres that did illegal abortions has been reinstated by the Barcelona Medical College [, 20 July]

NARAL, one of America's main pro-abortion groups, has endorsed Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the US supreme court [, 21 July]

UK's Medical Research Council announces funding for adult stem cell projects [Medical Research Council, 20 July]

One of Ireland's first sextuplets has died. [BBC, 21 July]

Millions of pounds which the government allocated for the care of terminally ill patients is not reaching the people it was intended to help, a hospice charity has claimed [Western Morning News, 20 July]

Op-ed: "What's so civilised about a couple killing themselves?" [Belfast Telegraph, 21 July]

Irish op-ed supporting assisted suicide: "Nobody, nobody, can deny you the right to control your own destiny" [Irish Independent, 17 July]

Fathers to get £30 DNA paternity test over the counter [Daily Mail, 18 July]

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