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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Government under pressure on parental rights

23 July 2009

Pressure is being put on the government to abolish parents' right to withdraw their children from sex education. Simon Blake, chief executive of Brook, an abortion referral agency, said: "Our belief is you cannot reconcile children's rights to high-quality sex and relationships education with the parental right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal needs to be removed." [Telegraph, 16 July] Parents will be given barely any say in the content of sex education under government plans to make the subject compulsory from primary school onwards, according to a new report. Norman Wells of the Family Education Trust, the report's author, said that the move "would make schools less accountable to parents" and "would limit the discretion of individual schools". [Telegraph, 22 July]

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A former employee of Swiss suicide facility Dignitas has spoken out after the recent double suicide of a British couple. In reality the Dignitas 'clinic' is "just one person who has found a way to make a lot of money out of death and the fear of it", said Soraya Wernli [Christian Institute, 22 July]

Female medical student murdered two elderly women so she could study death [Daily Mail, 22 July]

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