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Chinese researchers use stem cells to create live mice

24 July 2009

Two teams of Chinese researchers claim to have created live mice from reprogrammed cells. In a complex experiment, the researchers inserted so-called induced pluripotency stem (iPS) cells into modified mouse embryos, and brought the resulting embryos to birth via female mice. Some of the born mice displayed physical abnormalities, details of which the team would not reveal. [Nature, 23 July] SPUC comment: The use of human iPS cells as an ethically acceptable alternative to human embryonic stem cell research is only ethical if no human embryos are involved.

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Two teams of Chinese researchers have created live mice from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells [Nature, 23 July]

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The government in the Chinese city of Shanghai is to encourage some parents to have a second child [BBC, 24 July] N.B. SPUC has warned that reports in the

Western media of alleged relaxations of the one-child policy is usually propaganda by, or on behalf of, the Chinese Communist regime.

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