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Majority oppose Obama funding abortion overseas

4 February 2009

Opinion research suggests most Americans oppose President Obama's dropping his predecessor's ban on funding of abortion overseas. The Gallup survey found more than half disagreed with the move, with around a third approving of it. [LifeSiteNews, 3 February] There is speculation that Mr Obama will next authorise federal funding for research on new human embryonic stem cell lines, another practice prevented by Mr Bush. [National Public Radio, 3 February] Mr Tom Daschle, reportedly an abortion supporter, has stood down as the new administration's candidate for health secretary after apparent irregularities were found in his tax affairs. [LifeNews, 3 February]

It is wrong to treat economics as being more important than the sanctity of human life, according to Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City. He told a congregation: "How we settle the abortion issue will determine if we choose to be a nation of self-indulgence, willing to pay any price, even the deaths of our own children, for our insatiable pursuit [of] pleasure or a nation who will sacrifice heroically to protect and provide for the weakest and most vulnerable." [LifeSiteNews, 3 February]

A judge in Ireland has expressed surprise at the lack of law on fertility treatment in that country. Mr Justice Hugh Geoghegan was speaking during the case of Ms Mary Roche, 43, who wants to have three frozen embryos implanted against their father's wishes. There had been no government discussion documents on the matter. The case continues. [Irish Independent, 4 February]

The South Carolina legislature is considering a law which would require a 24-hour wait after an ultrasound scan before the child could be aborted. A panel has approved the measure for consideration by the house of representatives. [The State, 4 February]

The British government is to use advertising to discourage smoking in pregnancy. The campaign will say that smoking deprives the unborn of oxygen. [PA on Channel 4, 4 February]

A British health service survey found that a quarter of women who smoke in pregnancy do not tell their doctors for fear of criticism. [BBC, 4 February]

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