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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Pro-life concerns over Kosovo constitution

15 April 2008

The draft constitution for Kosovo reportedly does not to protect the unborn and pro-life activists were due to meet political and religious leaders about this. The province recently declared independence from Serbia and the proposed constitution includes "the right to make decisions in relation to reproduction in accordance with the rules and procedures set forth by law." A petition to the Kosovar government has been signed by 50 organisations, and the delegation of pro-life leaders was due to present it to Kosovar officials. Our source suggests that their aim is that the constitution should be neutral on abortion. It was initially drawn up by a non-governmental organisation called the Public International Law and Policy Group. [LifeNews, 9 April]

Most South Africans oppose abortion, according to a survey by the Human Sciences Research Council. Nine people out of 10 are against the practice which was legalised 12 years ago. Black people were particularly opposed to abortion of the disabled. More educated people, and those who did not attend church, were less pro-life. [IOL, 9 April]
Babies are being born with drug-addiction because their mothers take the substances in pregnancy. In north-west England, 100 children were born with such problems last year. [Lancashire Evening Post, 9 April]

The wife of the British prime minister has opened a prenatal research facility. Mrs Sarah Brown inaugurated the Tommy's centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Browns' daughter died aged 10 days. [BBC, 10 April] Mr Gordon Brown has consistently voted for abortion. [SPUC, 27 June 2007]

A mother in Italy, who refused medical treatment for her unborn baby's sake, has died. Ms Paola Breda, 38, declined therapy for breast cancer. Nicola, her daughter, is now 17 months. [Catholic World News, 9 April]

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