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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Abortion carries risks for future pregnancies

20 December 2007

Women who have a miscarriage or an abortion are at greater risk of having a premature or low-weight baby in the future, according to an American study. Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University studied 45,500 mothers and their children and found that women who had miscarried or had an abortion were three times more likely to go on to have an underweight child and 67% more likely to have a premature birth. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists responded guardedly to the report, saying that research was needed in the UK to confirm these findings. [Scotsman, 18 December]

Abortions in Croatia have dropped to 4,563 in the latest annual statistics, for 2005, Lifesite reports. The figure is less than 10% of the 1989 total, when there were nearly as many abortions as live births. Dr. Antun Lisec the director of Human Life International in Croatia, cites good cooperation and strong pro-life leadership in the Catholic church as key factors in the change. More than four out of five Croatians are Catholics. [LifeSite, 17 December]

The diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, is distributing 50,000 copies of a pamphlet entitled Conscience and Your Vote which urges voters to consider a range of issues when deciding for whom to vote. Manchester's bishop, John McCormack listed these topics: "the sacredness of life and the dignity of the human person; the importance of marriage and family; the value of exercising our rights and responsibilities; a preferential option for the poor and vulnerable; the dignity of workers; human solidarity; and care for all of God's creation." The bishop stressed that he gave no endorsement of a candidate or party. [CWNews on EWTN, 17 December]

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