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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Dorries: Government directed MPs to vote against time-limits bill

2 November 2006

During Tuesday's House of Commons debate on a bill to lower the time limit for social abortions to 21 weeks, the bill was vehemently opposed by Ms Christine McCafferty, Labour MP for Calder Valley who branded the proposals as "cynical, cruel, ill-informed and most of all, inhumane". As we reported on Tuesday, MPs rejected Mrs Nadine Dorries' proposal. [The Guardian, 31 October] In her blog, Mrs Dorries alleged that government officials directed MPs to vote against the bill.

An Amnesty International conference in Chicago has refused to reconsider or discuss the organisation's controversial draft policy in favour of unlimited and global access to abortion as a human right. The move has been attacked by members and non-members alike who say the organisation is deliberately ignoring the pro-life point of view. AI member and law professor Richard Stith said: "If events in Chicago are typical, AI adoption of decriminalisation as a worldwide goal seems almost inevitable because many objections to such a position among its non-member supporters, its members, and even its leaders are not reaching the Amnesty higher-ups who will make the final decision." [Catholic News Agency, 31 October]

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