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4 November 2005

4 November 2005

4 November 2005 A mother has received compensation and an apology from the hospital where her premature baby's organs were removed without her knowledge.

Mrs. Angela Roberts gave birth 26 years ago at University College Hospital, London, to twins Natalie, who survived, and Natasha.

She was told Natasha was stillborn and could not be baptised or given funeral rites, but years later she discovered medical records which showed Natasha had a heartbeat when she was born.

The hospital authorities eventually admitted using Natasha's organs and returned her brain in a cardboard box.

Later they offered a full apology and £1,800 compensation to pay for a funeral and memorial stone.

[The Telegraph, 4th November ] California will vote next Tuesday on a law which would require parental notification 48 hours before an abortion can be performed on an underage girl.

A poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times found that, while most Californians favour legalised abortion, a majority may vote in favour of the parental notification law.

This finding contradicts an earlier Field poll suggesting that the measure will be rejected.

[ 3 November ] An American living in Kampot, Cambodia has shut down websites which advertised Cambodia as a destination for would-be suicides.

Roger Graham, who helped to found the Assisted Euthanasia Society of Paradise, California, said he had shut down the sites in order to avoid trouble from the authorities. The websites advertised that euthanasia was 'not illegal in Cambodia.'

Put Chandrith, the provincial governor of Kampot, said he has filed a defamation lawsuit against Graham for tarnishing the image of his province.

[The Guardian, 4 November ] The Canadian state of Alberta has introduced legislation which would allow children to sue their mothers for injuries sustained in car accidents while they were in the womb.

The law is the result of lobbying by a father whose four-year-old daughter was born brain damaged as a result of a car crash caused by her mother whilst pregnant.

Alberta's Justice Minister, Ron Stevens, emphasised however that the law was 'focused on a particular circumstance' and would not open the door to damage cases involving other activities such as maternal drug abuse. [LifeSite.Net, 3 November ]

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