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Defending life
from conception to natural death


15 November 2005

15 November 2005

15 November 2005 China's senior population official has admitted that the country's gender imbalance has yet to be dealt with effectively.

There are thought to be 119 boys born for every 100 girls, with the imbalance as high as 130 boys to 100 girls in the southern provinces, largely as a result of the one-child policy and a cultural preference for boys.

However, Zhang Weiqing, minister of the National Population and Family Planning Commission has insisted that the one-child policy should continue to be enforced.

[Reuters, 15 November ] Australia's Health Minister is being put under pressure over his opposition to the introduction of the RU-486 abortion drug, The Australian reports.

Tony Abbott has raised concerns about the safety of the drug, particularly if given to women in remote areas who may not have access to emergency medical help.

However, Mal Washer MP argued that the decision to allow use of the abortion drug should be a medical not a political decision.

[The Australian, 15 November ] The chaplain to Planned Parenthood received a cold reception from the leaders of Christian groups on a recent visit to Kentucky.

Pastor Ignacio Castuera of the St John's United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, is convinced that Methodist and Evangelical pastors refused to meet him because he was doing Christ's work.

"The closer Jesus got to the cross, the smaller the crowds got," he said, "this is pretty close to the cross because [pro-abortion] people have to take derision, ostracism, all that."

Raimundo Rojas, director of Hispanic outreach for the National Right to Life Committee, said that Castuera 'stands for all that is wrong in our community' and has betrayed the pro-life beliefs of the majority of Hispanics.

[, 11 November ] Cardinal Francis Arinze has stated during an interview that Catholic politicians who support abortion should not go to communion.

In an interview with the magazine Inside the Vatican, Cardinal Arinze stated: "Suppose somebody voted for the killing of all members of the House of Representatives, 'for all of you being killed. I call that pro-choice. Moreover, I am going to receive Holy Communion next Sunday.' My reply, "Do you really need a cardinal from the Vatican to answer that question?" He added: "If a person has a way of life which is against the major Commandments, and makes a boast of it, then the person is in a state which is publicly sinful. It is he who has disqualified himself, not the priest or the bishop. He should not go to communion, until his life should be in line with the Gospel." [Inside the Vatican, 12 November ]

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