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Defending life
from conception to natural death


14 March 2005

14 March 2005

14 March 2005 Michael Howard, the UK Conservative Party leader, has said in an interview that he would vote to reduce the upper time limit for abortion to 20 weeks.

However, Mr Howard said that he thought 'abortion should be available to everyone.' David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary told Sky television's Sunday programme: "What Michael is saying is some of these very late abortions - sometimes there are very serious reasons behind them - but these very late abortions carry the prospect of real cruelty to the foetuses, to the children involved."

[The Times of London, 14 March ] SPUC stated that any reduction to the number of abortions would be welcome, but warned that the last attempt at reducing the time limit led to a widening of the law to include abortion up to birth for disabled babies and other cases.

[SPUC press release ] The European Parliament has passed a resolution condemning the trade in human eggs. Jana Tutkova of Comment on Reproductive Ethics praised the resolution for raising issues such as the medical risk faced by egg donors and the need to explore alternatives for treating infertility.

[Independent Catholic News, 11 March ] A survey commissioned by the US Catholic bishops has recorded that support for Roe v. Wade has dropped from 57% to 52% since 1998. Cathy Cleaver Ruse, director of planning and information for the US bishops' conference said: "Roe v. Wade created an unlimited right to abortion, and most people think an unlimited right to abortion is wrong."

[CWNews, 11 March ] Monsignor Elio Sgreccia of the Pontifical Academy for Life has said that removing Terri Schiavo's feeding tube would be 'a pitiless way to kill'.

Monsignor Sgreccia said that the feeding tube is "an integral part of the means in which Mrs Terri Schiavo can be fed and hydrated."

[The Guardian, 12 March ] Mel Gibson has offered his support to the parents of Terri Schiavo in their fight to save her life. The actor and director faxed a statement to be read at a rally supporting Terri and urged the family in a telephone conversation to 'never give up.'

[, 11 March ] A Michigan abortionist failed to appear in court after being charged with sexually abusing his patients. Rodolfo Finkelstein has been charged with two counts of first degree criminal sexual assault and five other counts of sexual misconduct, all of which he denies.

In January 2004, Brian Finkel was convicted of 22 counts of sexual abuse and sentenced to 34 years imprisonment.

[, 12 March ] Three people have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after an elderly woman died at a care home in Bolton. The 85-year-old's feeding tube was apparently tampered with and police have launched a joint investigation into the death with the Commission for Social Care Inspection. [BBC, 14 March ]

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