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Defending life
from conception to natural death


29 June 2005

29 June 2005

29 June 2005 A test for pregnant women has been launched which allows women to find out the sex of their baby as early as five weeks' gestation, Medical News Today reports.

The Baby Gender Mentor test includes a finger prick kit for women to use to collect a blood sample that can then be sent to a laboratory for foetal DNA analysis.

Doctors and ethicists have expressed concern that the kit could be used to facilitate sex selective abortions.

[Medical News Today, 29 June ] A third of Scottish women are delaying motherhood until their early thirties, according to National Health Service figures.

The number has risen from just 13% in the mid-1970s, a trend attributed to more women postponing motherhood to concentrate on their careers.

The number of babies delivered by emergency caesarean section has tripled since 1976, with the number of women choosing a caesarean delivery doubling during the same time period.

[The Scotsman, 29 June ] A rap artist from New York has released a music video featuring lyrics about his mother's decision not to abort him.

Nick Cannon's video 'Can I live?' is a tribute to women who choose life for their children when facing a crisis pregnancy, ending with the lines: "I love my mother for giving me life. We all need to appreciate life...A strong woman that had to make a sacrifice. Thanks for listening. Mama thanks for listening."

[, 28 June ] A study published by the US-based Life Legal Defence Fund has concluded that abortion would become illegal in just seven states if Roe v. Wade were overturned.

Paul Linton, Special Counsel for the Fund, said: "Overturning Roe and Doe would send the issue of when abortion should be permitted back to the American people. It will not result in making abortion illegal for most of the country." [, 28 June ]

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