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Defending life
from conception to natural death


24 February 2005

24 February 2005

24 February 2005 An Australian Liberal MP has raised the issue of post-abortion trauma, calling for women to receive proper counselling and information when considering an abortion.

Danna Vale MP said that she believes in 'a woman's right to choice' but added: "Some of the evidence that's coming to me is that there is post-abortion depression and that's a real concern.They didn't realise and they weren't properly informed, and the counsellors were actually employed by the abortion provider.It's a conflict of interest."

[, 24 February ] The chairman of the Bishops' Conference of the Philippines has described a population control bill as 'unjust, arbitrary and unreasonable', Asia News reports.

The "two-child policy" bill, which was approved by a Filipino Congress committee, will involve health workers conducting house-to-house surveys on birth control methods used and, according to Archbishop Capalla, "imposes fines and imprisonment for parents, spouses, and health professionals who impede 'sexual and reproductive rights' [i.e. a euphemism for contraception and abortion]."

[Asia News, 22 February ] The parents of Terri Schiavo have begun a 24-hour prayer vigil outside the hospice where she lives, joined by dozens of campaigners.

A pro-life lawmaker has filed a bill requiring doctors to presume that an incapacitated patient would not want to be deprived of food and fluids if they have not stated otherwise through an advanced directive.

In a press conference, Governor Jeb Bush stated: "I can assure you, I will do whatever I can within the mean, within the laws, of our state to protect this woman's life. I can't go beyond that." [, 23 February ]

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