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Defending life
from conception to natural death


7 December 2005

7 December 2005

7 December 2005 A UK doctor who was struck off for hastening a patient's death by removing his life support may face prosecution.

The General Medical Council ruled last month that Dr Ann David took "active measures" to end the life of Robert Symons, 60, "prematurely" in the face of opposition from his wife and son.

The Crown Prosecution Service has been handed the file and is considering the evidence.

[Daily Mail, 6 December ] A lecture by a prominent supporter of abortion organised by the Melbourne Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace has been cancelled following complaints by pro-life campaigners.

ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope was to speak on the issue of a national Bill of Rights. Archbishop Denis Hart was quoted as saying: "I am obliged to ensure that there is no ambiguity or confusion in respect to the Church's teachings on these matters.

Rights cannot be seen as something that apply only from the point of birth and abortions cannot be justified by the notion of a right to make reproductive decisions without limitations or sanctions."

[Cathnews, 7 December ] California's 4th District Court of Appeals has ruled in favour of two doctors who refused to perform artificial insemination on an unmarried lesbian woman.

Guadalupe Benitez took legal action against the doctors for discrimination and a State Superior Court ruled that physicians could not cite religious objections as a defence.

The doctors argued on appeal that they refused Ms Benitez fertility treatment because of her marital status not her sexual orientation.

[Medical News Today, 7 December ] Correction: Yesterday's news summary described Robert Doyle as "Australia's Opposition Leader". He is in fact the Opposition Leader of the state of Victoria.

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