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Defending life
from conception to natural death


14 December 2005

14 December 2005

14 December 2005 A man who was cleared of murder after he smothered his disabled son, Jacob, with a pillow and claimed it was a mercy killing has walked free from a court with a two-year suspended sentence.

Andrew Wragg admitted manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility.

Judge Rafferty said she had 'no doubt' that Jacob's mother was complicit in the killing, accepting that Mr Wragg would not have killed the child if his wife had disagreed.

Mrs Wragg said afterwards: "It has been extremely difficult to sit and listen as the dignity of my little boy has been destroyed in an effort to reduce the impact of his death. Jacob's condition has been used as an excuse for this crime and I find it appalling that anyone would try and portray him as being less deserving of his life or less entitled to enjoy every precious moment his condition allowed."

[The Telegraph, 13 December ] Data released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reveals that over 84,000 women had abortions in 2003.

The highest number was among women in their early 20s where the rate was 33 abortions per 1000 women of childbearing age, compared with the national average of 19.7 abortions per 1000.

[, 14 December ] A pro-abortion group has filed a lawsuit to legalise abortion in Colombia just days after the country's highest court refused to rule on another such case

When Women's Link issued a pro-abortion legal action in April, two million people signed a petition urging the court not to change the law prohibiting abortion. [, 12 December ]

The Czech Republic is considering proposals to lower the legal penalty for euthanasia by reclassifying it as a separate offence from murder. Religious leaders issued a joint statement opposing the proposal, with Rabbi Karel Sidon warning: "Jews have their own experience of euthanasia from the Nazi period. People were killed simply because they weren't seen as suitable for the development of society. It began with the sick, and ended with six million victims of the Holocaust."

[, 13 December ] A pregnant woman and her unborn child have survived a skydiving accident, the Guardian reports.

Shayna Richardson was not aware of her pregnancy when she attempted her first jump, during which her parachute failed to open and she fell face-first onto a car park floor at 50 mph.

Ms Richardson said: "The baby is moving around just fine. The heart rate looks good. So not only did God save me but he spared this baby." [The Guardian, 13 December ]

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