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Brain-dead woman gives birth to baby girl

3 August 2005

A woman diagnosed as brain dead has given birth to a baby girl, the BBC reports.

Susan Torres from Virginia, US, suffered a stroke after cancer spread to her brain during her second pregnancy and doctors agreed to keep her alive for the sake of her unborn child.

Baby Susan Anne Catherine Torres was delivered by Caesarean section two months premature and is being cared for at a neo-natal intensive care unit. [BBC, 3 August]

Other stories:

A contraception specialist has accused the FPA of giving women misleading information about the morning-after pill, the Scotsman reports. Professor Anna Glasier who is the NHS Lothian's clinical director for sexual health said that FPA overstated the effectiveness of the morning-after pill. She also criticised the easy availability of the pill, arguing that young girls are being encouraged to think of it as an alternative to contraception. Professor Glasier commented: "[FPA's] leaflet about emergency contraception is incredibly positive and says that it will prevent 95% of pregnancies and you can use it as often as you like. That's the wrong message." [Scotsman, 3 August]

A survey of 600 people released by a Colombian radio station has reported that the majority of adults in the country oppose abortion. 65.6% of respondents agreed that abortion should remain illegal in Colombia, whilst 26.9% disagreed and 7.5% were unsure or did not reply. [Angus Reid, 2 August]

A member of the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions has spoken on Vatican Radio about the human cost of China's one-child policy. Describing the policy as 'truly inhuman', Father Giancarlo Politi spoke of the human cost of China's aggressive population control laws, such as the massive male/female imbalance, atrocities against women who become pregnant a second time and the difficulties facing children born outside the law. [Zenit, 29 July]

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