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Defending life
from conception to natural death


24 November 2004

24 November 2004

24 November 2004 A US court has ruled that the living will of a terminally ill man must be respected over his wife's wishes. Hanford Pinette, 73, signed a living will six years ago stating that he preferred to die if he became terminally ill and incapacitated. Doctors testified that he is incapacitated and cannot communicate his wishes but his wife, who has power of attorney over his medical care, insists that he can communicate and wants to be allowed to live. [The Guardian, 24 November ] Abortion advocates and providers have claimed that women in France face 'many obstacles' when seeking abortion. The Secretary General of the French Movement for Family Planning said that abortion units had closed in 40% of private clinics in Paris for financial reasons and that there are limited numbers of doctors prepared to perform abortions. [Medical News Today, 24 November ] Three US clinics have been awarded funding to establish a National Centre for Regenerative Medicine. The centre will build on research already conducted at the three institutions to develop therapies from non-embryonic stem cells. [Medical News Today, 24 November ] The Canadian Justice Minister called for a re-opening of the euthanasia debate last week, stating: "I think we could benefit from a take-note, informed debate and discussion." Irwin Cotler acknowledged the deep divisions among Canadians over euthanasia and his office was quick to diffuse speculation that he was arguing for a change in the law, stressing that he had 'explained his own feelings about it'. [, 23 November ] A survey of Australian attitudes to abortion conducted three years ago was released yesterday, reports. According to the report, conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, 58% of Australians in 2001 agreed that women should have access to abortion, compared with 39% 14 years before. Nearly 70% approved of eugenic abortion and 42% supported abortion for economic reasons. [, 23 November ]

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