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Defending life
from conception to natural death


19 November 2004

19 November 2004

19 November 2004 A UK medical student hanged himself after visiting a website offering information on how to commit suicide. Arwel Davies, 22, suffered bouts of depression and had taken an overdose six months before. Police believe that emails posted through the site clearly encouraging him to take his own life may have 'tipped him over the edge.' [This is Cheshire, 18 November ] Researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand have found that premature babies have reduced insulin sensitivity, putting them at increased risk of developing diabetes. Dr Paul Hofman stated: "There is increasing evidence that this latter group has a marked increased risk of insulin resistance-related diseases." Other complications associated with this condition are high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity in adult life. However, he noted that these problems could be avoided if the risks were identified early. [Reuters, 18 November ] The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has asked Malta and Chile to report on their abortion policies so that the Committee can make 'recommendations' to them next week. The UN's bullying tactics have caused outrage among pro-life campaigners around the world who have condemned these attempts to interfere with the domestic policies of an independent country. [Malta Media, 18 November ] The governor of Wisconsin is to invest $750 million in scientific research including work with embryonic stem cells. Jim Doyle, a Democrat, is free to begin some of the projects but parts of his proposal must first be approved by the Legislature. [MSNBC, 18 November ] The Illinois Senate has voted against a bill that would have allowed embryo research, human cloning and research using tissue from aborted babies. The bill was voted down 28-29, with some legislators suggesting that the bill should have banned all forms of cloning rather than banning so-called reproductive cloning and permitting it for destructive research purposes. [, 18 November ] A Catholic teacher who claimed that she lost her job because she was pro-abortion has lost her legal case against the school where she worked. District Judge Kent A Jordan stated that courts cannot prevent religious schools from teaching their own beliefs. Michele Curay-Cramer, who also sued key figures in the school, the diocese and the bishop, will be appealing the decision. [, 18 November ] Indian feminists have criticised a rural population control programme as 'coercive', saying that it would lead to violence against women and more sex selective abortion. Women's rights activist Brinda Karat said that the programme was a 'truly unfortunate move with grave consequences for thousands of women' and a 'profoundly regressive' policy. [Hindustan Times, 18 November ]

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