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Defending life
from conception to natural death


News, 18 May 2004

18 May 2004

18 May 2004 The parents of Terri Schiavo have been banned from visiting her after puncture marks were found on her arms, even though police ruled that no crime had been committed against her. Bob and Mary Schindler's lawyer described the incident as 'a red herring' intended to sway public opinion against the parents, who are fighting an ongoing battle to prevent their daughter's tube feeding from being withheld. [The Guardian, 17 May ] The family of an elderly man who was helped to commit suicide at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland, has called for the clinic to be closed. Gordon Hurst had Parkinson's and was struggling to get over the death of his wife three years previously. Relatives only found out about his plans when they received letters he had arranged to be sent to them after his death. They contacted the police but were told that no crime had been committed under British law. [BBC, 17 May ] President Bush gave a strongly worded pro-life speech at Concordia University last Saturday. To applause, he said: "America needs your good heart in meeting a basic responsibility: to protect and honour life in all its seasons. A compassionate society shows special concern for those at the beginning of life, those at the end of life, and those who struggle with disabilities." He also referred to euthanasia and embryonic stem cell research, stating: "New methods of research hold promise in treating disease. These innovations show the resourcefulness of humanity, and they must be guided by all the wisdom of humanity... Life is not just a tool, or a commodity, or a means to other ends." [, 17 May ] Two priests from northern China have been detained by the authorities, The Guardian reports. Lu Genjun, who had only recently been released from a labour camp, and Cheng Xiaoli, belong to the underground Catholic Church and were about to begin classes in natural family planning. [The Guardian, 17 May ] A man who deliberately caused his girlfriend to miscarry because she refused to have an abortion has been convicted of aggravated assault. Gary Bourgeois slipped her a toxic ulcer drug causing her to miscarry at 14 weeks but will not face charges for the death of the unborn baby. [CWNews, 17 May ]

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