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Defending life
from conception to natural death


News, 7 June 2004

7 June 2004

7 June 2004 Pro-life organisations have offered tributes to former US President Ronald Reagan upon news of his death, reports. Dr Wanda Franz of the National Right to Life Committee, described Mr Reagan as "one of the great champions of the pro-life movement". Nikolas Nikas of Americans United for Life said: "As the nation mourns the death of a great American, it is fitting that those who work for a Culture of Life rededicate and redouble their efforts to restore full legal protection for all human life, from its earliest stages to its last moment." [, 6 June ] An unborn baby was abducted in Colombia last week, in what is believed to be an unprecedented crime. A pregnant woman was drugged as she left a clinic and had her womb cut open by a gang. The mother survived the ordeal and was able to call for help. The baby was recovered alive the following day after the police made an arrest and both mother and baby are now in hospital. [Scotland on Sunday, 6 June ] Scottish researchers are developing a technique involving the transplantation of nose cells into the spinal cord of paralysed patients. The research aims to regenerate nerve cells and reconnect signals in the spinal cord which would allow patients to walk again. Cells from the lining of the nose constantly regenerate themselves and can be extracted without damaging sense of smell. [The Sunday Herald, 6 June ] Pope John Paul II has spoken to visiting US bishops against abortion and other forms of exploitation. The Pope said: "Rights are at times reduced to self-centred demands...the acceptance of abortion in the name of women's rights." All Catholic bishops must visit the Vatican every five years and this year it is the turn of US bishops. [The Guardian, 4 June ]

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