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Defending life
from conception to natural death


News, 29 July 2004

29 July 2004

29 July 2004 A British-born palliative care specialist in New Zealand has spoken out against euthanasia. Speaking on a variety of issues surrounding end-of-life care, Professor Rod MacLeod of the University of Otago expressed fears that legal euthanasia would put a burden on both families and patients. He took issue with a recent parliamentary bill entitled "death with dignity", commenting, "What's dignified about being killed?" [, 28 July ] A new Planned Parenthood T-shirt displaying the words "I had an abortion" has been criticised by both pro-abortion and pro-life groups. Planned Parenthood's Carolinas affiliates have expressed their objections to the T-shirt on the grounds that it turns women into billboards and is causing offence. American Victims of Abortion expressed outrage, stating: "Once again, the callousness and insensitivity of Planned Parenthood provides another example of just how out of touch they are with the reality of abortion and the impact it has on women. It is pretty clear that Planned Parenthood puts promoting abortion above concern for women." [The Charlotte Observer, 28 July , National Right to Life, 27 July] US researchers believe a simple test could help prevent premature births, the BBC reports. The test identifies the presence of an infection in the amniotic fluid that, if left untreated, could cause premature labour. In the UK, approximately 8% of babies are born prematurely, amounting to some 45,000 babies every year. However, more research will be needed to determine how and under what circumstances the test should be used. [BBC, 27 July ] A study conducted by Oregon Health and Science University researchers has found a deterioration in the quality of palliative care since euthanasia was legalised. Dr Erik Fromme, who led the research said: "What this study did for me was contrast our view of things versus what's actually happening." He added that the results "are not necessarily what people wanted to hear." [, 28 July ] The UK newspaper The Daily Mail has published a feature on women who regret their abortions. The five women interviewed were pressurised into abortions by partners or family members during crisis periods in their lives such as when they were teenage students or their marriages were facing difficulties. They speak candidly about dealing with Post Abortion Trauma following their abortions, with some of them seeking help from and joining pro-life welfare organisations. [The Daily Mail, 23 July]

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