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Defending life
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News, 22 January 2004

22 January 2004

22 January 2004 Three UK MPs are investigating the possible link between abortion and breast cancer, BBC reports. One of the MPs, Claire Curtis-Thomas, said that women deserve the facts about abortion risks and cited 28 studies that suggested an increased risk of breast cancer following an abortion. However, Professor Stuart Donnan of Manchester University was quick to downplay Ms Curtis-Thomas' work, citing the contradictory results given by many studies on the subject. [BBC, 22 January ] The US house judiciary committee has approved the 'Unborn Victims of Violence Act' which would make it a federal crime to kill or injure an unborn baby during a violent crime against a pregnant woman. Opponents of the bill claim that it is intended to undermine abortion even though an exception is made for abortion in the bill. [Reuters, 21 January ] Thousands have taken part in demonstrations and marches to mark the 31st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that brought legal abortion to the US. Over 8000 Catholics celebrated mass in Washington, along with 4 cardinals, 40 bishops and 300 priests. A message from President Bush, which was read out at the event, stated: "Your efforts are helping to build a society where all children are welcomed in life and protected in law." [, 22 January ,, 21 January ] he senate of Michigan has approved a bill requiring underage girls to obtain parental consent before having an abortion. A spokesman for Gov. Jennifer Granholm said that the law did not need to be changed. [Detroit Free Press, 22 January ]

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