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Defending life
from conception to natural death


17 December 2004

17 December 2004

17 December 2004 The high court will review the case of baby Charlotte Wyatt today after a dispute over the decision not to resuscitate her. Charlotte was born at St. Mary's hospital in Portsmouth, three months premature, and her condition required a constant supply of oxygen. On 7 October the judge ruled that it was not in her 'best interests' to be resuscitated again if her condition deteriorated, against the will of her parents. The hearing will be held in private, followed by a ruling in open court. [The Guardian, 17 December ] The Ukrainian Parliament has voted in favour of banning so-called 'reproductive' cloning. The bill prohibits the trading of cloned human embryos but embryo research remains legal. Those supporting the ban have said that reproductive cloning "prerequisites for degradation of the family and destruction of human and social values." [Medical News Today, 17 December ] A terminally ill man from India who requested unsuccessfully to have his life ended through passive euthanasia died early today. Venkatesh's mother has expressed sadness that her son's wishes were not granted, saying: "I hope my son's case will force the authorities to review the law relating to organ transplants". However, the Andhra Pradesh High Court and hospital authorities affirm that the request would have contradicted the law which forbids euthanasia. [BBC, 17 December ] A patient with motor neurone disease has made a legal statement requesting a guarantee of medical support after learning that the withdrawal of treatment had been discussed while she was unconscious. Jacqueline Catlin's condition worsened unexpectedly shortly after she was diagnosed in July 2003 and the decision not to give respiratory support may have taken place against her will if it had not been for her family's intervention. [The Telegraph, 15 December ] The Planned Parenthood Annual Report reveals an increase in profit for the abortion industry, with abortion accounting for over a third of Planned Parenthood's income last year. The report also revealed that despite the death of teenager Holly Patterson, PPFA continues to sell the abortion drug RU 486. Private donations have fallen for the second time in three years. [Lifenews, 16 December ] The US Assistant Secretary of State has told the House of International Relations Committee that the Bush Administration will not distribute $34 million to the United Nations Population Fund. Arthur Dewey told the committee that recent investigations carried out by the US Department of State found China guilty of coercion to impose their one child policy. He said: "[The investigation] clearly showed us that the large fees and penalties for out-of-plan births assessed in implementing China's regulations are tantamount to coercion that leads to abortion." [, 16 December ]

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