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Defending life
from conception to natural death


1 December 2004

1 December 2004

1 December 2004 A High Court judge has lifted a temporary injunction stopping a chronically ill woman from travelling abroad for an assisted suicide. Mrs Z, who cannot be identified, suffers from cerebellar ataxia and wants to go to Switzerland to end her life, but Mr Justice Hedley warned that her husband may already have committed a criminal offence by arranging the trip which he intends to make with her. The full judgement will be made on Friday. [The Telegraph, 1 December ] The Dutch hospital that recently proposed permitting doctors to perform euthanasia on babies with severe disabilities has announced that it has already begun to do so. The Groningen Academic hospital admitted that four children had their lives deliberately ended in 2003 and that there have been no charges made against the doctors concerned. Child euthanasia is illegal throughout the world and is being strongly opposed by the Catholic Church and pro-life organisations. [The Guardian, 1 December ] Every secondary school in Wocestershire is to have a fulltime nurse as part of the Government's latest campaign to bring down STI rates. The Government's strategy is to have a nurse in every secondary school and some primary schools in the country by 2010. [This is Worcester, 1 December ] A film about a backstreet abortionist in nineteen fifties London has won six awards at the British Independent Film Awards, BBC reports. Awards included best director, best actress and best film. [BBC, 1 December ]

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