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Defending life
from conception to natural death


News, 13 August 2004

13 August 2004

13 August 2004 The Italian health minister has caused outrage amongst pro-abortion groups in Italy by stating that abortion is basically murder. Mr Girolamo Sirchia's comments came during an interview with Italy's on line news service AGI. He said: "Before resorting to a violent and bloody act that suppresses life, substantially murder, contrary to my morals, there are other ways to act". [, 13 August ] Pro-abortion groups in the USA are set to target the Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago. Advocates for Safe Parenthood Improving Reproductive Equity, ASPIRE, want to make sure that the law is changed to allow abortion. Statistics suggest that 45 out of every 1,000 women have an abortion [possibly annually], but Dr. Godfrey Rajkumar told Trinidad and Tobago Newsday that this estimate is probably inaccurate because hospitals record spontaneous miscarriage as abortion. ASPIRE has issued a document that is claimed to be a 'Women's Choice on Pregnancy Bill', but pro-life leaders say that no governmental ministry in Trinidad and Tobago has accepted the document. [Life, 13 August ] According to the China Daily, it is reported that in China the government is trying to correct the sex imbalance by offering incentives to stop rural families from aborting baby girls. The 'Care for Girls' pilot program will exempt girls from paying school fees, insurance will be given to households until their daughters grow up, and families with just one daughter will enjoy housing, employment, education, and welfare privileges. [Yahoo News, 13 August ] A Texas pharmacist who refuses to supply morning-after pills has received phone calls from women who believe his actions are wrong. It is said that Mr Steve Mosher of Fabens is one of hundreds of pharmacists worldwide who will not deal in morning-after pill for religious and ethical reasons. [Lifeissues News, 13 August ] Pope John Paul II has received members of Opera Mater Dei, a pro-life group comprising women who rejected abortion during pregnancy. The Pope met the women and their children at his summer residence in Castelgandolfo, Italy. [Lifeissues News, 13 August ].

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