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News, 14 April 2004

14 April 2004

14 April 2004 A fertility expert wants a change to British IVF regulations to allow him to create a child who could provide cells to treat a sibling with diamond blackfan anaemia. Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) rules prevent Dr Mohammed Taranissi from creating a donor for Joshua Fletcher, 2, of County Down, Northern Ireland, because the new child could also suffer from the disease. Properly matched stem cells can be used to help diamond blackfan anaemia sufferers produce healthy red blood cells. There is presently no way of testing embryos for the condition. If Dr Taranissi, of the Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre, London, cannot get the HFEA to change its rules, he will reportedly go to law. A family has obtained treatment of the kind which Dr Taranissi wants to provide by going to the USA. The British-based Comment on Reproductive Ethics organisation has described the procedures involved in such treatment as enslavement. [BBC and LifeSite , 13 April] The Daily Telegraph's website is running an online vote on whether a film of an abortion should be shown on British television next week. Nine days ago we reported on how Channel 4 planned to show a vacuum abortion at four weeks on Tuesday (20 April). The result of the Telegraph's internet poll will be published early next week. [Telegraph, 14 April ]

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