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News, 13 April 2004

13 April 2004

13 April 2004 It is claimed that IVF embryos who are allowed to develop for longer than usual before implantation have a higher chance of survival. New techniques allow embryos to develop to blastocyst stage in the laboratory. The reportedly higher success-rate could mean that single embryos would be implanted and multiple births avoided. The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine studied 48 women and their research is reported in the Fertility and Sterility journal. [Fertility and Sterility on Reuters, 9 April ] Glasgow university is warning Scottish women of the risks of obesity in pregnancy, particularly the danger of pre-eclampsia. Researchers think obesity could lead to the release of fatty acids and other harmful substances into the bloodstream, causing high blood pressure which, at its worst, can limit the supply of blood to a foetus. The British Heart Foundation is sponsoring the university to research the problem. American scientists are said to be blaming an increase in pre-eclampsia on obesity. Signs of pre-eclampsia can only emerge late in pregnancy. Our source describes Scotland's obesity problem as an epidemic. [Scotsman, 11 April ] A pro-abortion US supreme court judge is to present a Catholic university's award to a pro-abortion appeal court judge. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor will give a medal which is named after her to Judge Maryanne Trump Barry at Seton Hall, New Jersey, on Friday (16 April). Judge Trump Barry struck down New Jersey's ban on partial-birth abortion. Opponents are urging people to protest to the Archbishop of Newark and to university authorities. [LifeSite, 12 April ]

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