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News, 3 December 2003

3 December 2003

3 December 2003 The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) have forbidden IVF clinics from running schemes in which women are offered IVF treatment at a reduced price if they undergo extra cycles to yield donor eggs. The ban has been imposed amid concerns about the health risks and ethical implications of women going through invasive procedures for purely financial reasons. However, it does not apply to schemes that involve a woman agreeing to give up some of the eggs from a subsidised cycle or egg donation by women who are not undergoing fertility treatment. [BBC, 2 December ] The UK department of health has announced a change in the dosage of the morning after pill. The two pills are to be taken together rather than 12 hours apart to prevent women forgetting to take the second dose. [Irish Examiner, 2 December ] An advanced ultrasound scan which measures the speed of blood flow through the unborn baby's blood vessels could be used to predict foetal heart failure and miscarriage, Ananova reports. It is thought that the scan could help reduce the number of miscarriages, up to 40% of which are thought to be caused by embryonic congestive heart failure, by detecting and treating early problems. [Ananova, 2 December ] A 39-year-old woman died after giving birth to IVF twins, The Times reports. Sandhya Senanayake began haemorrhaging after delivering a baby girl and boy by caesarean section. Doctors attempted an emergency hysterectomy but she went into cardiac arrest and died. At the inquest which is currently being heard, her husband criticised the staff for being 'clueless' after they failed to notice that she was bleeding heavily and then 'dealt with it very casually.' [The Times of London, 3 December ] A South African nurse who was struck off the nurses' register and given a 12-month ban after she was filmed mistreating women in an abortion ward has asked to be reinstated. Sewela Ramaboea was caught on camera shouting at women, leaving them to deliver their dead babies alone and to clean up their own mess. She claims that severe work stress had given her nightmares and left her 'emotionally agonised' at the time but wants to return to work if she is successfully re-registered in February. A spokesperson for the Provincial health department said that she would then be allowed to apply for work 'as if nothing happened'. [, 2 December ] Planned Parenthood in the US is celebrating Christmas by reissuing 'choice on earth' greetings cards which it claims 'sends an inclusive seasonal message for people of all faiths.' The card features slogans such as 'human rights' and 'equality', and advertises a pro-abortion march next year. Critics have commented that a more accurate Planned Parenthood card would contain an image of an empty manger. [, 1 December ]

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