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Defending life
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News, 11 September 2002

11 September 2002

11 September 2002 Two women are going to an English court today to seek permission to be implanted with embryos created through in vitro fertilisation despite objections from the embryos' fathers. The law requires consent from both parents and says that, if such consent is absent, the embryos must be destroyed. Ms Natallie Evans, 30, of Wiltshire and Ms Lorraine Hadley of Stafford claim that IVF treatment has already begun. Ms Evans had her ovaries removed during cancer treatment and has offered to sign a contract with the embryos' father absolving him of responsibility for their upbringing. Ms Hadley was divorced since having IVF. Professor John Harris of Manchester university said that, if the women won, men's involvement in IVF would cease at fertilisation. [BBC, 11 September ] A Catholic organisation chaired by the Archbishop of Detroit has told voters that abortion is the primary issue in this year's elections. A booklet sent to all parishes in Michigan by the Michigan Catholic Conference describes abortion as the pre-eminent threat to human dignity. Sr Monica Kostielney, conference president, said: "There's no ambiguity in this statement, no wiggle room, certainly and especially in regards to the life issues." [LifeSite, 10 September ]

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