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Defending life
from conception to natural death


News, 3 May 2000

3 May 2000

3 May 2000 88% of people describing themselves as pro-life in the USA believe that life begins at conception, compared to only 23% of those who describe themselves as pro-choice. The Harris poll, which surveyed 15,331 people last month, also found that 75% of 'pro-lifers' believe that abortion should be illegal anytime after conception, with 12% believing that the ban should not count until foetal brainwaves or motion had been observed. 48% of 'pro-choicers', on the other hand, believe that abortion should only be illegal after the unborn child is "viable" and 24% think that abortion should be legal up to birth. Among those describing themselves as pro-life, 69% would allow an abortion if the mother's life was in danger and, in the case of rape, 44% were in favour of an exception with 40% against. [Harris Interactive News Release, 2nd May (from Pro-Life Infonet)] Saudi Arabia is seeking the co-operation of the pro-abortion United Nations Population Fund in the management of its adolescent and reproductive healthcare. Dr Nafis Sadik, executive director of the body, said that the Saudi government wanted help to provide educational programmes aimed at combating the incidence of AIDS and other infectious diseases. She added that the government did not intend actively to promote a family planning policy and that family planning was only to be provided to those who are legally entitled, that is married couples. [Dawn International, 24th April] It has emerged that scientists at Advanced Cell Technology in the USA have already demonstrated a technique for 'therapeutic' cloning. The research, which is yet to be published, involved the cloning of a cell from a cow's ear and the implanting of the resulting cells into the cow's heart without rejection. The same company announced last week that it had managed to create six cloned calves whose cells were younger than the ewe from which they had been cloned. The company says that it could apply the technique to humans within three to five years if given the go-ahead by the government. [The Sunday Times, 30th April] You can see the BBC's report on the British pro-life chains, organised last Saturday by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, at the following address: [This bulletin is privately circulated by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children,, 5/6 St Matthew Street, London, United Kingdom, SW1P 2JT, +44 20 7222 3763. The reliability of the news herein is dependent on that of the cited sources, which are paraphrased rather than quoted. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the society. Please forward this bulletin to other interested parties. To unsubscribe, send an appropriate email to]

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