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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Huntingdon's Disease Association

The Huntingdon's Disease Association is a charity "which exists to support people affected by the disease and to provide information and advice to professionals whose task it is to support Huntington's disease families." This charity is a member of the AMRC.

A factsheet on the Association's website explains, without ethical comment, how pre-implatation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and prenatal screening can be used to detect if an unborn child has the gene for Huntingdon's Disease. It also explains how couples at risk of Huntingdon's disease can use IVF and AID (artificial insemination by donor) to avoid passing on the disease to their children.

The factsheet section also contains details of advanced directives.

SPUC comment

"By failing to condemn anti-life practices like PGD, IVF and AID at the same time as providing practical information about them, the Association is facilitating those practices.

"Advanced directives are troubling for pro-life advocates due to their application in situations where the denial of treatment is contrary to best medical practice enacted in the best interests of the patient, and can therefore be seen as a form of 'soft euthanasia'."

Please send any information you may have about this charity to SPUC, either by email to or by post to SPUC HQ.

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