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Defending life
from conception to natural death


Charities Bulletin

Rhoslyn Thomas at a pro-life stall

SPUC's Charities Bulletin is a list of charities and their stance on pro-life, pro-family issues at the time of writing (that is, the charity may have changed its stance since that date).

Firstly, the bulletin is a tool which can be used to check that the money that is donated to charitable causes is being used in a way with which the donor would agree. Secondly, it is a tool which can be used to push for positive change in organisations with unethical policies. If an organisation’s policy on a certain subject is made known and as a result, they receive less money or support, they may consider changing this policy. This is one possible outcome.

The purpose of this list is to promote a shift towards pro-life policies and away from abortionpre-natal screening/diagnosis with a view to abortion, embryo experimentation, euthanasia, population control, IVF and artificial insemination, policies relating to the promotion of 'gay marriage' or other policies which damage the family.

The bulletin reflects only the stated or known stance and activities of the charities and other organisations, not the opinions of SPUC or individual staff members. Neither the absence nor the inclusion of any organisation should be taken to indicate approval or disapproval.

Use the menu to the left to select which charity to read about.

Contacting unethical charities

We are very grateful to all those organisations and individuals who responded to appeals for information, and who have thereby made valuable contributions to the Charities Bulletin.

If an organisation that you currently support, or that you wish to support, appears on the list and has unacceptable policies or activities, please contact them and tell them about your concerns. Ask them to change their policies so that you can, in conscience, support them. Where this approach is not appropriate (i.e. with organisations that are evidently wholly committed to contra-life principles) look for alternative organisations to support and tell them why.

When contacting organisations, bear in mind that they may have changed their policies since the information in the bulletin was prepared. If this is so, please let us know and let us have copies of relevant documentation or web-pages so that we can amend our information.

Help us update this list

The list is far from complete. There are many thousands of charities, and we hope to expand our coverage in future. Please let us know if you have any information that may be useful, or if you need help in approaching organisations.

Please send any information you may have about charities to SPUC, either by email to or post to SPUC HQ.

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