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Defending life from the moment of conception



Abortionists exposed

  • Reviewed by Fiorella: Voiceless

    Posted by Fiorella Nash on 12 May 2017

     Few sounds that make Fiorella Nash's heart sink more deeply than a pro-life DVD dropping onto her doormat - will Voiceless be an exception? 

  • Youth Conference Preview: An interview with Dr Levatino, former abortionist

    Posted by Fiorella Nash on 2 February 2017

    Dr Anthony Levatino is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who performed abortions for eight years before he stopped in 1985. Ahead of speaking at the SPUC Youth Conference in March, he speaks to Fiorella Nash about his journey from abortionist to pro-life campaigner.

  • If abortion is not a crime, what is it?

    Posted by Paul Tully on 22 November 2016

    Paul Tully reflects on the news that the Women's Equality Party has launched a campaign to decriminalise abortion.