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An open letter to Theresa May

Posted by Grace Browne on 22 November 2018

Several pro-life women at a SPUC event in Parliament.

Yesterday, 60 celebrities addressed an open letter to the Prime Minister, calling on her to give parliamentary time to Diana Johnson's Abortion Bill, and to commit to decriminalisation. Over 280 pro-life women (and counting) have this response. 

UPDATED: over 320 pro-life women have now signed this response. Thank you for inundating us with emails of support!

Dear Prime Minister Theresa May

Women and unborn children across the United Kingdom are waiting in anticipation as their human rights are debated in Parliament. We are relying on you and your Government to stand equally with woman and child and protect them both from the violence and heartbreak of abortion.

Each day in the UK, 552 unborn children lose their lives, while their mothers are left to endure the physical and mental suffering that abortion can cause. Since the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act over 9 million unborn children have been terminated - equivalent to the entire population of Scotland and Wales. In a civilised country, how is this situation allowed to prevail?

As young women, we are aware of the challenges that pregnant women and girls still face today. It is scandalous that in 2018, there are pregnant women and girls who have been left so financially, emotionally or socially unsupported that they feel driven to abort their child.

Abortion is the sign that society has failed women through its inability to create an environment in which pregnant women feel secure to raise their children. It is utterly shameful that pregnant women still feel they have no option other than to abort. They must choose between the life of their child or their relationship; the life of their child or job security; the life of their child or a home. This is the devastating reality behind the veneer of "choice".

Abortion is never the answer. The child is never the problem. Instead, it is the societal inequalities faced by women that lead them to abortion. We should seek to eradicate these root inequalities. Women should never need abortion access, and we deserve better.

Indeed, the laws of Northern Ireland recognise this, and affirm that both lives matter. As the Prime Minister of the UK, we are confident that you will respect democratic right of the devolved assembly at Stormont to legislate on this matter.

We appeal to you in hope. Do not extend this cruel and uncivilised practice any further. Allow Northern Ireland to prosper free from the violent threat of abortion. Be a champion for true choice. Be a champion for science. Be a champion for women. Be a voice for the most vulnerable. Be a voice for the most tiny citizens of the UK, who cannot speak for themselves.  Protect us both.

From, pro-life women across the UK.

  1. Sophia Morgan
  2. Rachel Munro
  3. Ruth O'Coinleain
  4. Isabel Vaughan Spruce
  5. Clare Deighan
  6. Elizabeth Clare
  7. Karen Browne
  8. Lucy Dooly
  9. Roisin Deighan
  10. Julie Geoghegan
  11. Jan Cavin
  12. Leah Boyle
  13. Madeleine Swain
  14. Marie Therese Deighan
  15. Jessica Wallace
  16. Chloe Keenan
  17. Siobhan Cooke
  18. Bethan Clearly
  19. Mary Woodard
  20. Grace Browne
  21. Alice McCormick
  22. Amber Flynn
  23. Marie Therese Clenaghan
  24. Debbie Fisher
  25. Rosemary Healy
  26. Catherine Farrelly
  27. Marissa Nowosad
  28. Maria Ward
  29. Melissa Elanor
  30. Katherine Hampton
  31. Mary Frances Jennow
  32. Monica Quadri
  33. Louise Grant
  34. Elizabeth Foody
  35. Ann Nolan
  36. Sarah Haire
  37. Mishal Novani
  38. Jutta Portelli
  39. Lucille McQuade
  40. Elena Feick
  41. Raya Cotton
  42. Helen Reid
  43. Michelle Kerr
  44. Selina Fang
  45. Hannah Patterson
  46. Sandra McCluskey
  47. Emily Prest
  48. Maria Madise
  49. Dolly Sunny
  50. Margaret Akers
  51. Eden Linton
  52. Maria McArdle
  53. Dona Sunny
  54. Orlagh McKeeman
  55. Grace Deighan
  56. Naomi Gildea
  57. Dayana Sunny
  58. Meritxell Elizabeth
  59. Antonia Tully
  60. Berni McCluskey
  61. Lissy Philip
  62. Allie Robinson
  63. Nadine Formosa
  64. Michelle Thompson
  65. Angela Mui
  66. Katie Edwards
  67. Helen Kidd
  68. Nicola Dickson
  69. Rosie Milne
  70. Karima Ameur
  71. Emma O'Connell
  72. Lucy Kelly
  73. Marie Seggie
  74. Jean Ann Farrell Roberts
  75. Anna Mary
  76. Jane Kelly
  77. Maria Jones
  78. Madeline Page
  79. Katie Tennent
  80. Angela Kelly
  81. Elain Gallacher
  82. Emily Milne
  83. Eleanor Hall
  84. Aofie Ong
  85. Elizabeth Lee
  86. Mary Ashmall
  87. Therese McKinely
  88. Nuala McBride
  89. Rachel Millan
  90. Donna Karikunnel
  91. Emma Paterson
  92. Marie Claire Gribbon
  93. Rachel Elizabeth Callaghan
  94. Caroline McNeil
  95. Finola Bradley
  96. Mollie Stegaroiu
  97. Anna McKinley
  98. Mary McKinley
  99. Sarah Kate Moynihan
  100. Celeste Treloar
  101. Hannah O'Neil
  102. Julie Gilmore
  103. Carter Lyon
  104. Charmaine Howorth
  105. Cordelia Rice
  106. Alison Hall
  107. Sarah Jane Thompson
  108. Imelda Catbagan Canave
  109. Fiorella Nash
  110. Naomi Forrester
  111. Iona Doohan
  112. C.Gilfedder
  113. N.Gilfedder
  114. Lucy Farrelly
  115. Tamara Sanchez
  116. Sarah Thatcher
  117. Alithea Williams
  118. Lily Kearns
  119. Jenifer Wordley
  120. Natasha Flynn
  121. Kathryn Muldoon
  122. Patricia Beaddie
  123. Arlene Rebello
  124. Anne Rafferty
  125. Breda Roche
  126. Sarah Barber
  127. Catherine Bolam
  128. Leanna MacQueen
  129. Evelyn Pelosi
  130. Clare Plasom Scott
  131. Frances Gallagher
  132. Mary Fok
  133. Andrea Orthova
  134. Monique Kinight
  135. Teresa Quail
  136. Jackie Kerr
  137. Katherine Stevenson
  138. Kathy Riley
  139. Clare A Monoghan
  140. Jazmine Okolo
  141. Pauline Jacob
  142. Thelma Nunez McNally
  143. Sally Dawes
  144. Aileen Kelly
  145. Sarah Spratley
  146. Charyn Frances
  147. Catherine Dorrington
  148. Calire Peacock
  149. Miss Rachel Hurford
  150. Mrs A Azar
  151. Dr. Teresa Bisikiewicz
  152. Bernie Keenan
  153. Jackie Gillick
  154. Beatrix letore
  155. Marion Banks
  156. Orla Tiernan
  157. Anna Tiernan
  158. Jacqueline Tiernan
  159. Susanna Goldsworthy
  160. Alice Marie Baird
  161. Ewa Sulicka
  162. Jenifer Burke
  163. Lorraine Coyne
  164. Laura Waddelove
  165. Rebekah Smith
  166. Catherine McDonald
  167. Mary Heaney
  168. Mari Carmen Orfila
  169. Jean Dunne
  170. Sue Comber
  171. Mary Cahill
  172. Lisa McDines
  173. Molly McDines
  174. Emily McDines
  175. Anna McDines
  176. Jenifer Ward
  177. Laura Therese Devlin
  178. Sofia Abasolo
  179. Rachel Mackenzie
  180. Hannah Benson
  181. Catherine Deighan
  182. Lucy Starkle
  183. Rhea Steel
  184. Therese McIntyre
  185. Josephine MacGregor
  186. Clare Thompson
  187. Leann McLaughlin
  188. Natalie Smith
  189. Kay walsh
  190. Anna Hamill
  191. Janice Vance
  192. Kathleen Cotter
  193. Patricia Parody
  194. Nathalie Salic
  195. Philomena O'Brien
  196. Samantha Chohan
  197. Irena Sani
  198. Jenifer Carr
  199. Claire Fitzgerald
  200. Julie Law
  201. Anne Griffiths
  202. Gail Mills
  203. Siobhan Casey
  204. Vicky Langguth
  205. Sile Tiernan
  206. Philomena Tiernan
  207. Gabby Allies
  208. Jenifer Gorman
  209. Mary Ayres
  210. Caitlin Girling
  211. Lucy Weight
  212. Rachel Rennie
  213. Bernadette Hanrahan
  214. Kathleen Linton Ford
  215. Mary Tidy
  216. Emma Genockey
  217. Lydia Keogh
  218. Laura Cuthbertson
  219. Ann Farmer
  220. Maria O'Brien
  221. Rosa Rita Seery
  222. Mary McShefferty
  223. Katherine Van Kroonenburg
  224. Evelyn Williams
  225. Eileen McBride
  226. Hazel Maria Rose Fernandes
  227. Teresa Vila Real
  228. Raphaelle Clark
  229. Aine Brolly
  230. Catherine Sewell
  231. Rona Grieve
  232. Bethany French
  233. Anna Row
  234. Nichola Cecil
  235. Lynda Boden
  236. Maria Niznik
  237. Alexis Castleton
  238. Julie Murphy
  239. Regina Roszczynska
  240. Bernie Lewey
  241. Keira Hamilton
  242. Annabel Osborn
  243. Alison Lowry
  244. Imelda Byrne
  245. Chiara Finaldi
  246. Maria Clare Houston
  247. Rosemary Byrne
  248. Margaret langley
  249. Therese McKinley
  250. Hannah Hayward
  251. Mary Catherine Gribbon
  252. Rebecca Lafferty
  253. Felicitas Francis
  254. Rachael McEvoy
  255. Dymphna Clenaghan
  256. Estefania Alvarez
  257. Helen Border
  258. Emily Nelson
  259. Emma Atkin
  260. Catriona Atkin
  261. Erin Timmoney
  262. Gemma Haire
  263. Mairi Hughes
  264. Ruth O'Shea
  265. Emmi Egbuonu
  266. Alannagh McDonell
  267. Nicky Lynas
  268. Ariana Albrecht
  269. Xanthe Vanderputt
  270. Helena Penfold
  271. Therese Vooght
  272. Daisy Mae
  273. Eleanor Kirk
  274. Nisha Thanikachalm
  275. Agatha Harold
  276. Claz Gomez
  277. Kirstie Stage
  278. Amy Owens
  279. Louise Fry
  280. Sarah Emily Brooks
  281. Nimneh Hyde
  282. Chelsie Martone
  283. Janet O'Neil
  284. R Corrigan
  285. Nikita Tyrrell
  286. Sarah Ward
  287. Rosemary Kilduff
  288. Barbara Thomas
  289. Dorothy Cummings McLean
  290. Maria Horan
  291. Joanne McCourt
  292. Teresa Bates
  293. Sarah Cumming
  294. Anna McCourt
  295. Kathleen O'Neil
  296. Megan Kate McClement
  297. Patricia Dowey
  298. Mary Pinnock
  299. Dr Angela Costley
  300. Elisabeth Bailey
  301. Audrey Fussell
  302. Adriana Torokpena
  303. Liza Quin
  304. Sjoukje Dijkstra
  305. Jacqueline Eve
  306. Mary Curran
  307. Natalie Crockett
  308. Donna Graham
  309. Karenza Morillo
  310. Maria Affron
  311. Aemelia Grantham
  312. Mary Grant
  313. Helen Shipton
  314. Anna Bensusan
  315. Ailsa Skuodas
  316. Daphne Chang
  317. Celine Hyned
  318. Marcela Umana
  319. Angela Thomson
  320. Sinead G. Farrell Roberts
  321. Angela Perera
  322. Louise Corker
  323. Brigitte Castaret
  324. Monika Zarnecka McDonagh
  325. Rosalind Bentley
  326. Sarah Morton
  327. Lynne MacMillan
  328. Sue Marriot
  329. Elaine Victor
  330. Mary Teresa Doogan
  331. Heather Gough
  332. Megan Ballestero
  333. Elizabeth Wordley
  334. Anna Tarlaga
  335. Jenna Givens
  336. Elizabeth Miller
  337. Helen Lyall
  338. Carole Smith
  339. Rosemary Casey
  340. Christine Hudson
  341. Maria Affron
  342. Christine Posso

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  • Helen. MacEachen said:

    22/11/2018 19:37

    Totally. opposed to Abortion and to its decriminalisation. Over 9million babies have lost their lives. The Act is wrong and has been responsible for nothing but misery and hurt. To decriminalise this barbaric. act would just lead to more pain and suffering not just for the babies, but for countless mothers, fathers and society at large.

  • Lorna Jones said:

    22/11/2018 22:53

    Do not decriminalize abortion in Northern Ireland. All life is sacred, ALL LIFE!

  • Ellen Quirk said:

    23/11/2018 15:18

    As a grandmother of eight children and one child lost through abortion I can only reiterate the need to value the life of both mother and baby and the need not to decriminalise. Northern Ireland has the right make their own laws and I am disappointed in the Scottish Government who make remarks about people making decisions for the people of Scotland but then decide to involve themselves in the issue with Northern Ireland.

  • Jennifer Briggs said:

    23/11/2018 22:27

    An unborn baby is a precious and vulnerable life that should be protected, not thrown away. Please deeply consider the contents of this letter.

  • Gladys m Caetano said:

    23/11/2018 22:40

    Respect the life of the unborn. Give it a chance in life

  • Sara said:

    27/11/2018 15:35

    Of course abortion should be decrimalised. Social inequality only partly explains abortion rates. A better social equality will most likely result in lower abortion rate and it’s because of improved contraceptive use (it doesn’t lead to increased birth rates). However, even in countries with very high social equality, women still do abortions. To argue that women should be denied access to abortion, because they shouldn’t need to, is naïve. Perhaps society must become perfect before that can even be suggested? But that still leaves the important question about women’s right of choice. Even in a perfect world, there might be women who decide to terminate a pregnancy for reasons only the women themselves know and those decisions should be respected.

  • Anna Lewington-Shultz said:

    03/12/2018 13:34

    The 1st and foremost human right is RIGHT to LIFE. And it overrides any other human right.

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