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A day of true hope that the 8th can be saved.

Posted by Sarah Haire on 16 March 2018

Sarah flies the flag for the cause. 

Last Saturday, around 100,000 people rallied in Dublin to save the Eighth Amendment. SPUC assistant development officer Sarah Haire says that it was a real turning point in the referendum campaign. 

"The Sleeping Giant is finally awake," proclaimed  Niamh Ui Bhriain, leader of the Life Institute. Ireland is alive, and the over 100,000 people that walked the streets of Dublin, proclaiming loudly and proudly that we are Pro-life nation proved that. The Rally to Save the 8th was a day of true hope that the referendum can be won and the Eighth Amendment, that protects both mother and baby, can be retained. The Bishop of Elphin, Kevin Doran, commented on the thousands of young people that joined the rally on Saturday. They proved, he said, that the movement to Save The 8th is filled with the young, with a conviction to protect and uphold the right to life of every human being. "Roll on May 25th!" he concluded.

The Rally attracted the young, the old, the man, the woman, the Christian, and the atheist. Ireland is land of Saints and Scholars, a land that has stood as a beacon of hope to so many in the Pro- life movement for so long - and it continues to do so.

Really trusting women

The main slogans from the Rally were ‘Save the 8th’ and ‘Don’t repeal the right to life’. Another message that stuck out was "If the repeal movement really trusted women, they would tell them what happens to their unborn baby." Again and again, the truth of abortion and how it ends the life of an unborn human being with a beating heart is totally denied, as is the devastating affects it has on women. It is instructive to compare the speeches from this rally to the repeal the 8th march, which took place the previous Thursday. The repeal movement do not go any deeper than ground level, all in the name of 'choice'. There is no mention of what an abortion is, the humanity of the unborn or the physical and mental consequences for women. If you are going to deny these facts to women, do you really trust them?

We care about women

In total contrast, the Rally for Life was filled with joy, with compassion and, most importantly, truth. Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa from New Wave Feminists spoke of how we need to offer women real choices of hope and support. That is what they need and that is what a pro-life Ireland provides. Instead of ending the life of these unborn children, let's invest in services that truly help women in difficult pregnancies.

Another powerful speaker was director of Rachel’s Vineyard (a post-abortion healing retreat), Bernadette Goulding. Bernadette had an abortion earlier in her life and said, "You cannot rip a baby from her mothers womb without destroying the mother, destroying her maternity and destroying her life."

Reality of Repeal

Charlie Fien, a Down's syndrome rights activist, reminded the crowd what was at stake for those with disabilities if abortion is legalised. She said: "Ireland is one of the only countries in the world where babies with Down's syndrome are safe in their mothers womb." This is a chilling fact, especially as we look at countries such as Iceland, who want to be "Down's syndrome free" by 2030.

Should have gone to Specsavers

One of the most prominent speakers was Dr Maire Neasta Nic Gearailt, representing Doctors for Life, who spoke in response to Senator Catherine Noone, Chairwoman of the Oireachtas Committee on the 8th amendment, who said that she could not find one pro-life doctor, to testify. "Perhaps if she had looked harder, she would have discovered what a poll of GPs revealed this week – that 7 in 10 doctors do not wish to be part of the Government’s abortion scheme," Dr Nic Gearailt said. "Doctors who oppose this radical UK-style abortion law may not have been listened to in Senator Noone’s committee – but we will make our voices heard in the coming weeks. We trust that this time, Senator Noone will not miss us. But we enclose this voucher for Specsavers to be absolutely sure."

A winnable battle

Overall, what the Rally for Life revealed is that the government are totally out of touch with the average man and woman of Ireland. Not one of the main political party leaders were there with the hundreds of thousands of people they represent. That is why, with every single persons help, and despite what the media says, the truth will prevail, and we will win this referendum. 

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