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Five Pro-Life Books to Add to Your Christmas List

Posted by Margaret Akers on 14 December 2018

A collection of must-reads for all pro-life bookworms.

The Christmas season will soon be upon us. It is a time to come together with friends and family – and the perfect time to spread the pro-life message! To help guide some of your Christmas shopping, we have put together a list of pro-life books for gifting this year. Hopefully, you will find something for each person on your list, and maybe a little something for yourself too.

Love Unleashes Life – Stephanie Grey

This is a must-read for the young pro-lifer in your life. Stephanie is an expert in debating the pro-life position in a loving and compassionate way. If you know someone who is not confident in speaking the truth about life, this book will be a practical guide to help them gain the confidence they need! – And maybe after reading it, they'll be inspired to come to this year's youth conference, where Stephanie Grey is a speaker!

You can buy it here:

"This book is a must-read for anyone interested in reaching hearts and minds about the greatest human rights issue of our day. With clarity and compassion, Stephanie makes an air-tight case for life, and masterfully equips us to do the same."

Lila Rose, Live Action

Abortion Matters – edited by Anthony McCarthy

If your Christmas dinners often descend into debates on controversial, hot-button issues, you must add Abortion Matters to your book collection this year. This book will prepare you for any of the arguments in favour of abortion that friends and family may throw your way. Abortion Matters provides comprehensive pro-life answers to some of the most common and challenging questions. It is a fantastic tool in spreading the culture of life! You will be sure to be equipped with everything you need to present well-reasoned and compassionate arguments in defence of life.

You can buy it here:

'This book will provide those who are committed to protecting unborn life with a unique knowledge of the arguments supporting this position. The philosophical, scientific and human rights issues raised by abortion are highlighted and cogently demonstrate that the arc of history is on the side of life.'

Patricia Casey, Professor of Psychiatry, University College Dublin

Abolition of Woman – Fiorella Nash

Do you have a dear friend who is always jumping on the most current feminist topic on social media? Or maybe a family member is studying for a humanities degree? Abolition of Woman would make a fantastic gift for them! It's a collection of essays approaching Feminist topics from a Pro-life perspective. It's a highly engaging read which provides a much-needed alternate view-point - perfect for the activist woman (or man) in your life. The essays tackle a wide-range of issues, from the one-child policy in China to gender-selective abortion. Don't be surprised when the person you gift it to starts calling themselves a pro-life feminist. Fiorella will be speaking about her new book at the 2019 SPUC Youth Conference, so consider buying it for the young person you'd like to encourage to come along!

You can buy it here:

"Don't read this book if you hate logic, incisive and intelligent arguments, snappy writing or the smartest arguments for a thorough-going pro-life feminism ever sandwiched between two covers. It is the new standard text for the smart, sassy, and consistent pro-life feminist of the twenty-first century."

Helen Alvare, Professor of Law, Scalia Law School at George Mason University; Founder, Women Speak for Themselves

Target Africa – Obianuju Ekeocha

Target Africa would make a great gift for the Modern History buff in your life. The topic of colonialism permeates most historical commentaries these days, and this book provides a fresh outlook – how western promotion of abortion and family planning in African nations amounts to neo-colonialism. It sheds a much-needed light on the use of western aid money in Africa, and all the strings attached. Readers will find themselves balking at the numbers. Obianuju Ekeocha writes from a distinctly African perspective, which will cause readers to question the intentions of many Western organisations they may have previously supported. Obianuju will be presenting her new documentary, Strings Attached, at the 2019 SPUC Youth Conference.

You can buy it here:

"A profound, searing, and utterly necessary work that exposes how the rapidly deteriorating Western culture imposes its poisonous values across the world."

 Matt Walsh, Columnist, The Daily Wire; Author, The Unholy Trinity

"A must-read for complacent Westerners believing their aid money is being put to good use in Africa. A masterful analysis demonstrating in painful detail how Western governments, billionaires, and NGOs are systematically imposing a morality completely alien to many Africans."

 David Paton, Chair of Industrial Economics, Nottingham University Business School

Angel in the Waters – Regina Doman

This is a beautiful story to read to the littlest members of your family. In Angel in the Waters, we follow a baby through its development in its mother's womb and hear the conversations it shares with an angel. This children's book is a moving way to share the beauty of life with little ones – and they will love learning about how they came to be! Christmas is the perfect time to share a book like Angel in the Waters, as hearts and minds turn to the birth of a child.

You can buy it here:

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