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Meet Amber and Jenny, our new youth interns

Posted by Amber Farquhar & Jenny Wordley on 17 June 2016

Amber (left) and Jenny (right) are the latest young people to benefit from our youth internship programme

Hello all SPUC blog readers! We're Amber and Jenny, who will be working at the London headquarters over the next six weeks.

We have both travelled from the green and glorious little country of Wales, always full of rain and sunshine, and lots of life, where we study with the Open University.

Having both grown up in pro-life families, we were already acquainted with many of the issues SPUC are currently combating. It's a huge blessing to have an opportunity to focus on learning more about vital pro-life work so that we can fight more effectively against the anti-life agenda which is so present in today's society.

Abortion counselling

We started our internship four days ago, and have already learnt immense amounts, met loads of people, and had more than a few opportunities to embark on vital SPUC work.

On Wednesday we travelled to the abortion centre in Whitfield Street to help the Good Counsel Network with their vigil there. This was going to be the first time either of us had the chance to use the skills of a pavement counsellor, to reach women dealing with the internal struggle which the question of abortion brings.

Without being told, it is difficult to identify the clinic on its quiet residential street. Just like the word 'abortion', the entire building is a perfect example of euphemism, creating the appearance of a warm, welcoming home, which disguises the horrors occurring on a daily basis beyond the 'shining' blue door.

Over the next five weeks, they'll be getting experience of the work that SPUC carries out

Baby saved as mother chooses life

The instant we arrived, we were reminded of the purpose of SPUC's work, as a clearly uneasy young woman hurried to the doors with her partner, ignoring the pavement counsellor. Describing this situation is difficult, since there are no words which can accurately portray the distress of witnessing a baby's life hang in the balance, while a counsellor attempts to help the expecting parents.

This experience gave us an understanding of the importance of active witness outside abortion centres. That very morning a baby had been saved from this clinic as their mother chose life with the help of the pavement counsellor. Without the dedication of the witnesses and counsellors who give many hours to praying on Whitfield Street, this baby may not have survived.

Rally for Life in Belfast

Over the next five weeks, we will be helping SPUC to campaign against a medical centre where abortions are performed as we raise awareness within the community, organise a vigil, and gain an understanding of how best to end abortions there.

Our brilliant boss Rhoslyn has also organised a trip to Ireland where we will take part in the Youth Defence roadshow. This will be a wonderful chance to spread the pro-life ethos as we carry our message to the streets of twenty different towns and cities across Ireland, ending with an uplifting pro-life rally in Belfast.

Amber & Jenny will be at the Belfast Rally for Life on 2 July - will you?

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  • ANN FARMER said:

    17/06/2016 22:29

    Prayers and best wishes to these brilliant young ladies as they embark on what is a wonderful vocation - saving life and saving lives.

  • Ian Wordley said:

    18/06/2016 09:58

    Well done girls, proud of you.

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