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Defending life from the moment of conception

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Don’t let Northern Ireland become Europe’s newest abortion centre

Posted by Anthony Ozimic on 5 February 2016

MLAs in the Northern Ireland Assembly will be voting on whether to legalise abortion in certain cases

As I hope you will have heard, pro-abortion forces have launched a lightning-fast attempt to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland. This coming Tuesday (9 Feb) or Wednesday (10 Feb) the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont will debate amendments to allow abortion in the cases of disability, fatal foetal abnormality and criminal acts (rape and incest).

Northern Ireland has long frustrated the ambitions of the British and international pro-abortion lobby. Opposition to any extension of Britain's 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland has been a strong point of agreement across the sectarian divide. Whether they are Unionist or Republican, Protestant or Catholic, most people and politicians have looked across the water at Britain's abortion culture and didn't like what they saw.

So let's look at Britain since the Abortion Act was passed in 1967. There have been 8.5 million unborn children killed, far outstripping the British and Irish death-tolls in all the wars and conflicts of the past century, including the Troubles. The lives of untold millions of mothers, fathers and siblings have been damaged physically and emotionally. Family life is in tatters, with rampant divorce, promiscuity and sexual disease.

Leading the world in anti-life practices

The British public is confused about when human life begins, largely ignorant of most facts about unborn development and kept in the dark about abortion's physical and psychological dangers. Disrespect for human life has spread beyond abortion to the ever-more sinister experiments on embryonic children since the advent of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). The treatment of nascent human life as disposable has no doubt contributed to the widespread belief that adult lives are also disposable through assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Britain has often had the dubious honour of being a leading country in Europe and/or the world in enshrining anti-life practices. In 1967, the Westminster parliament was the first legislature in a democracy to pass a law which enabled abortion on a mass scale. IVF was pioneered in Britain, and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 was a landmark in the euthanasia lobby's agenda.

Defend Unborn Children in Northern Ireland

But Northern Ireland can be different. And Northern Ireland should not only be unafraid to be different, but proud. This small and battered, but friendly and brave community has for decades withstood the international abortion lobby and its bottomless pockets, worldwide tentacles and calculating strategies. This extraordinary result has been achieved largely due to the integrity of ordinary men and women.

So I am calling upon my readers to come to the aid of the unborn children of Northern Ireland, who are in grave and present danger from Tuesday's amendments. If you live in Northern Ireland, please contact your MLA immediately to urge them to vote against the amendments.. If you are not in Northern Ireland, please contact Arlene Foster, Northern Ireland’s First Minister, to urge her not to let Northern Ireland go the way of England, Wales and Scotland. You can contact her by email at or by telephone on 02866 320722. In either case, please read our campaign page at:

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  • Terry Wilson said:

    07/02/2016 19:11

    I beg you to consider the unborn! Abortion ends a life! You and i were allowed to be born and i thank my parents for my life. Abortion is a quick fix, a sticking plaster for a major wound, and it dose not work. It leaves as more problems than it tries to cure. deep seated problems that do not just disappear.

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