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Why does it matter?

Posted by Rebecca Short on 13 October 2015
Planned Parenthood protest

Over the past few months, the pro-life world has been rocked by ten simple videos. Ten simple videos which reveal one disturbing truth.

Planned Parenthood is one of the world’s biggest abortion providers. It operates primarily in the US and is one of the largest members of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). The video clips, released by the Center for Medical Progress, reveal Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the illegal trade of foetal body parts. The videos are shocking. They show company executives haggling for organs over lunch, medical directors acting as negotiators, and an ex-employee who shares harrowing details of her experiences inside of the ‘harvesting’ laboratory.

These scenes are jarring, and have caused even the staunchest of pro-abortion advocates to question their beliefs. The corruption at the heart of one of America’s biggest institutions is now unequivocal. Planned Parenthood, the ‘charitable organisation’ which ‘has women’s best interests at heart’ is as profit seeking as the next big business. And foetal body parts? “All just a matter of line items”.

"Thrown in the garbage"

Yet there are many people, on both sides of the argument, who are asking themselves the question – why does it matter? As one blogger crudely puts it, these babies would be aborted anyway, and would be “thrown in the garbage”. Would it not be better, she argues, to put this ‘garbage’ to good use for the “betterment of humanity”?

Just one, slight, problem there… this is not ‘garbage’, and not a ‘line item’ we’re speaking about. This is a unique, human person. This is why it matters. If the “betterment of humanity” is to be found anywhere, it’s right here.

This is why we cannot stand on the sidelines. Every day, all across the world, hundreds of thousands of unborn children are being denied their humanity. As pro-lifers, we not only acknowledge the humanity of the unborn, but we defend it.


On Saturday 22nd August, hundreds of thousands of people across the US affirmed the humanity of the unborn by attending #ProtestPP rallies. In the UK, people gathered in London and Birmingham to do the same. These peaceful protests served as a statement to Planned Parenthood, as well as governments and abortion advocates worldwide, that we are not okay, and we will not stay silent.

Grassroots witness is so important, because it brings the debate to reality. Abortion affects real people, with real stories, which need to be met with real compassion. As pro-lifers, we should never be afraid to show people we care, and to show people that life matters. Peaceful, joyful witnesses like these change people’s hearts and minds, showing the world that life is beautiful, and to be cherished.

So, why does it matter? It matters because you matter, because I matter, because every time an unborn child is denied the right to life, humanity moves a step backwards. The fight is not yet over, and as pro-lifers we need to keep on speaking out, with courage and strength, because only then will people begin to listen.

The next time we #ProtestPP… or, to be honest, any other pro-abortion organisation, I know where I’ll be. And why will I be there? Because women matter, because babies matter, because life matters.

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