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Let's share the wonder of childbirth with the world

Posted by Anthony Ozimic on 16 October 2015
Mother & baby

Last week the Daily Mail highlighted a new video animation which presents in detail just how a mother's body prepares for birth and how her unborn child makes it way into the outside world.

It's an amazing and complex process, including how the baby boy or girl rotates soon before going through the birth canal. However, for many women it can also be a very painful and rather frightening process. Video animations and similar resources can be very helpful in dispelling myths and giving reassurance to expectant mothers, especially ones who are younger or older than average.

For decades SPUC has been educating people up and down the country about the wonderful development of unborn children from conception to birth. Countless thousands of schoolchildren have heard our schools presentation. Countless thousands of people in the street have stopped and stared at our amazing “How you began” foetal model sets or been challenged about their knowledge by the Project Truth roadshow.

With SPUC's new website, this educational outreach is being shared with thousands of people online across the world. Please visit our website's Unborn Children section.

The human family

Such life-affirming knowledge is not a mere exercise in being sentimental about beautiful babies. It is an open door for the general public to the pro-life message: that unborn children are just as much members of the human family as themselves and therefore deserve equal protection.

Yes, there are many doubts and challenges which must be overcome before the average schoolchild or passing shopper will become pro-life. But – as any new mum will tell you – the beauty of new life brought into the world has a mysterious, compelling power to outweigh any doubts and challenges.

Download our free Pregnancy Guide for more information on life before birth!

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