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Defending life
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Branch blog: SPUC volunteers in Merseyside

Posted by Anne Fearon on 24 November 2015
Volunteers from SPUC's Merseyside region

SPUC activity on Merseyside goes back a long way. More than 30 years ago when I was teaching, I would get Chris Walsh to come in and speak to the older children about abortion. They were always shocked at what human beings could do to their own unborn children.

Chris, when he wasn’t giving talks, would organise coaches that took thousands of people down to London to take part in the mass rallies we used to have in those days. There were armies of people ready to swing into action, by marching, protesting or doing whatever was required.

30 years ago!  Who would have thought we would still be here in 2015, still battling against the evil of abortion? It feels like we are fewer in number now and there is so much more to fight against: threats to the right to conscientious objection, assisted suicide, euthanasia, three-parent embryos.

Walk of witness

But, we are still here. SPUC Merseyside has strong branches with dedicated, hard-working members, and we meet regularly to plan activities and support each other. We don’t go into schools as often now, so we have to find new ways of reaching our young people. We have organised street stalls, pro-life chains and public meetings, and one of our most important events is our annual walk of witness.

A group of us (usually about 15 people) meet outside the abortion clinic in the south of the city. We walk a route that is 14 miles long and takes through the heart of the city. Generally people are very supportive. This year, I especially remember one young lady telling one of our walkers that we were doing a great job and she would have joined us if she didn’t have to go to work.

Embrace Liverpool

We are often told we are “doing a good job” or “keep up the good work” - and of course we will! Even so, as we all get older we would love to be greater in number, younger, stronger.

Just this weekend we were represented at “Embrace Liverpool” – a day of praise, worship and information for young people held at the Metropolitan Cathedral. Along with other organisations we had our leaflets and other information for anyone interested to take away with them. We had some great conversations with the young people there, listened to their questions and hopefully many of them will have been encouraged attend our youth conference (which will take place in March next year).

SPUC Christmas Fair

For many years there has been a SPUC Christmas fair, held at St Helen’s Church in Crosby. It is well known for being the best Christmas Fair in the area. It always reminds me of the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. We start off struggling to find enough people to man the stalls, with a few bin bags and boxes of items for sale, and a few dozen mince pies.

By the time we open our doors we have a huge raffle, tables stacked high with gifts, handicrafts, books, cakes, amazing tombolas and Father Christmas is in residence in his beautiful grotto. We practically give things away and offer free entrance for children, just 50p for adults.

By the end of the day we are shattered, but somehow or other we always manage to raise a decent profit, which goes towards our national campaigns. People are so good! This year the fair is this Saturday, 28th November – for those who can make it!

Anne Fearon is vice-chair of SPUC and chair of our Merseyside region.

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