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11 reasons why large families are awesome

Posted by Hannah Kane on 27 November 2015

George Osborne’s ‘two-child policy’ made headlines this week, but it shows that a lot of people still don’t get why mums like me would choose to have more than 2 kids.

So, here’s my list of 11 reasons why large families are totally awesome:

1. You’ll all be healthier

True story

Awesome fact #1: did you know that children with siblings have stronger immune systems? This means that your kids are better guarded against conditions like eczema and hay fever.

And medical research in recent years indicates that they may even be getting protection from food allergies, multiple sclerosis and some cancers!

2. Like, so much healthier

Hannah Kane's family

Major studies the world over show that children in a larger family grow up slimmer. That’s how to tackle child obesity! An US study even went so far as to calculate that each extra sibling meant that a child would be 14% less obese on average.

Likewise, children with brothers and sisters tend to enjoy better mental health. How cool is that?

3. Family team games are now a thing

Marco Rubio hits a kid in the face with a football

Now you’ll always have enough people to play any game you want.

Football? Cricket? Touch rugby? Once you’re up to 4+ kids, suddenly all kinds of sports become possible.

4. It gets easier after the first one

First child versus second child

Ok, so I'll admit that having a baby for the first time can be tiring and stressful at times (although it’s definitely made up for by the new bundle of joy in your life)! But the weird thing you’ll find is that it gets easier for every new child you have.

After you have two children you're already outnumbered, so why not go ahead and add a few more to the tribe?

In fact, as your kids grow up, it actually makes life easier - after all:


5. Many hands make light work

Hannah Kane's family

You’ll always have plenty of helpers around the house!

6. More birthdays = more parties!


And who doesn’t love a good party?

7. Learning to share

Wreck-It Ralph sharing candy

Let’s face it, when you grow up in a large family you have to learn how to share things from a very young age! All great training for later life – your kids will be perfect housemates at university.

8. Older children will learn to take care of their younger siblings

Hunger Games sisters hug
Lionsgate / via

And that's the coolest thing in the world.

9. You’ll never be bored again

Hannah Kane's family

Seriously, how could you ever be bored with jokers like these?

10. More children now = more taxpayers later

George Osborne

(That one’s just for you, George)


But most important of all:

11. You’ll always have friends

Rachel and Monica from 'Friends' hug

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  • Fr. Henry Makawa said:

    27/11/2015 19:52

    I think even the health of the parents gets better because they will always have somebody around them. Children are really a gift from God

  • Kate Jackson said:

    29/11/2015 00:10

    The Kane family are very inspiring - Thanks Hannah! The world needs more babies!

  • Nan said:

    26/04/2016 21:41

    As the eldest of nine and the mother of seven , and now the grandmother of twenty-four I am never happier than when at a family event of some kind or other. Now in old age, my husband and I are glad to have the caring support of one or other of are children whenever we need help.

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