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Young pro-life women stand their ground at pro-abortion Goldsmiths University

Posted by Daniel Blackman on 26 September 2013

On 25 September myself and a group of five brave young women went to Goldsmiths University in London to hand out leaflets to new students.

The level of hostility and harassment was appalling. What began as some simple leafleting ended with us being followed by a group of 15 aggressive pro-abortion students chanting, swearing at us, blocking us with placards, and then being followed several hundred metres down the road.

Goldsmiths University is one of the few universities in the UK to have an official pro-choice policy, although most UK universities and student unions are de facto pro-abortion, some more so than others. We were stood on a public footpath, a few of us on each side of the road. About 20 minutes into the leafleting a student with blue hair and a bag with a feminist message told us we couldn't leaflet, that we were on their campus, and that we had to go. When I explained it was legal to stand on a footpath, she stormed off to get the security guards. A few minutes later several security guards, staff of the student union, and  two student union sabbatical officers arrived. One of the security guards made clear that it was a public footpath. Several times we were told to leave by union staff, students and a sabbatical officer, claiming that the footpath was university property. When I asked for proof, none was provided.  When I exaplained that I was being told two different things and that they were wrong, they left.

Then a group of very angry and aggressive female students arrived - swearing, running from one side of the street to the other. There was also one male student with an Irish accent. He was uttering all sorts of profanities, and had a look of hatred in his face that even then more angry female students didn't have. He was so bad it seems a fellow student reported him and two security guards ran to confront him and ordered him to stop. He was a reasonably-sized man being very aggressive towards a group of women stood on their own doing nothing more than offering leaflets.

We decided we'd carry on leafleting towards the entrance to the street we were stood on. After a few minutes we were joined by 15 noisy pro-abortion students, and two student union officers. One of the officers took his union t-shirt off. However, he had already introduced himself to me as an officer previously. His name is Howard Littler. We were also joined by another student union officer called Joe Killin. Both were part of the group that followed us along the street. Is this how Goldsmiths student union officers behave? Harassing and intimidating members of the public with whom they disagree? Is that the example they set for new students?

We were shouted out, called "sexist" repeatedly, blocked by protesters who ran between  us and students to try and stop us giving out leaflets. We were followed up and down the street continuously. They shouted: "Men don't have a right to say anything about abortion", "Our bodies, our rights", "Why are you trying to tell women what to do with their bodies?" - the same old nonsensical slogans that have been churned out for decades. The pavement was littered with our lealets as the protesters took them out of the hands of students and tore them up mockingly.

When we decided to leave for lunch we were still followed down the road, across two sets of traffic lights, and down another road. In total we were followed for 321 metres from the main university building. All this was photographed and recorded by us for reference. The five young women pro-lifers were composed and courageous throughout, and were competent answering the usual arguments with some of the less belligerent students. Several of the students protesting against us actually seemed ambivalent about being there, even unsure and uncomfortable, as they were quiet and hanging back.

As they turned to walk off, one of our group said: "Why do you keep saying a man doesn't have a say on abortion? Men are fathers." One pro-abortion  female student shouted back: "Because they don't have to host a human being in their body". I turned and shouted back: "Thank you! Human being!" It's hard to resist the truth, no matter how hard and loud they might try.

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