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Defending life
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Queen Mary University of London: opposition and hope

Posted by Daniel Blackman on 19 September 2013

I headed in a group of five (including  small child in a pram) to the Queen Mary University of London Mile End campus this week to bear witness to the dignity of unborn children in the womb, and to bring the pro-life message to these new university students.

We were there for 3 hours, and gave out all the leaflets we had, which I estimate to be 1,200. The few hours we were there went well. Some students and passers-by gave supportive words. One or two stopped to have a discussion. One supportive student filled in the form we offered so she can learn more and get active.

Towards the end two female students came out of the campus, walked past as if to accept a leaflet, then tried to snatch the pile of leaflets out of my hand. They failed. One of them handed me an Abortion Rights leaflet.

Then came the opening line: "what do you think you're doing xxxx man". She continued with a torrent of swearing and shouting in my face, starting with "get the f*** away from my campus". I was on the other side of the road on a public footpath.  They stood by us for about 10 minutes, telling people not to take our leaflet, in between rolling cigarettes. People carried on taking the leaflets, the students carried on smoking their roll-ups and franticly tapping away on their phones. Then they strolled off. We gave away the last of what we had, then went. It was three hours well spent.

The two female students were belligerent and tiresome, and maybe post-abortive, which is so often the cause of the anger towards pro-lifers, and the reason those of us who are pro-life don't meet hate with hate. We know about this only too well from the examples of ex-abortionist and abortion campaigner Dr Bernard Nathanson, former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, ex-abortionist Dr Anthony Levantino, former abortion centre owner Carol Everett, the many abortion centre workers who quit each year, SPUC's own Margaret Cuthill who had two abortions and now runs our post-abortion counselling service, and post-abortive pro-life leader Georgette Forney who founded of Silent No More. I hope that one day the two students we met will be passionate and brave on behalf of unborn children.

If you're pro-life and would like to help bring the pro-life message to other students, please email me.

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