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"Bro-Choice" is why men must get involved in the pro-life movement

Posted by Daniel Blackman on 30 September 2013

The reason why mothers have their children killed is very often because there is a boyfriend saying: "Get rid of it"; "I'm not ready to be a father"; "Do what you want and I'll go along with that"; or words to that effect.

This is backed up by the stories of one pro-life pregnancy help centre who say that it is the father of the unborn child who is very often the reason why a mother finds herself on the doorstop of abortionists.

Men are badly ignored in the abortion issue. Pro-abortionists want to ignore and silence men. Being pregnant is presented as purely a thing of the mother. Men are told to be silent as it's not their body, they don't carry a child in their womb.

Pro-lifers ignore men as most of the time concern and thought is only ever given to the mother and child. No mention is made of the father, it's only ever "pro-woman, pro-child". The hundreds and hundreds of posters on Facebook by pretty much all of the prolife groups only ever present the mother and child, the father is consistently airbrushed away - out of sight and out of mind. This is largely tied in with the reluctance of pro-lifers to actually speak about how babies are made. There is rarely mention of fathers post-abortion grief. There is no message offering support for fathers facing an unexpected pregnancy. There is no message reminding men to not try and have their children killed.

Abortion is a not only a woman's issue, it is a human rights issue and as such really and truly an issue that men must be concerned with and involved in.

Men ought not to be only on the side line; they should be taking a stance, showing pro-lifers and pro-abortionists alike that men do care about unborn children and their mothers. The lie that men are against abortion because they want to control women and their bodies will be demolished by the good example of pro-life men.

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