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Young people out in force for pro-life leafleting

Posted by Dan Blackman on 25 June 2013

Several posts on this blog have been focused on leafleting. There have been posts about students leafleting. There have been posts about how leafleting has formed a key part of campaigns. There have been posts about why leafleting is important.

Not long ago I wrote a post called "27,500 chances to help the unborn". There was a good response - with bundles of leaflets being sent to young adults all over the UK. It's fair to say we are on an upward curve in terms of pro-life activity amongst young adults, and it's important that this continues. If we know all the arguments, and are aware of all the educational and pastoral services on offer, but do little or nothing to spread the message, we end up creating a pro-life cottage industry.

Last week a group of us (seven in total) spent the day leafleting in north west London, together with a young man who lives in the area, who read some of the posts on this blog and leafleting and campaigns and felt inspired to do something. A few weeks earlier I went to meet him and spent just over an hour leafleting. We agreed that we'd do it again because it's vital work.

We arrived at our meeting point, distributed the maps, decided which pairs would cover which areas, and headed off. Leafleting is so simple - it's a matter of putting a leaflet through a letterbox. It means that in an hour hundreds of homes get a good quality pro-life leaflet with educational and supportive information. It means people get something pro-life that hasn't been watered-down or distorted by a biased journalist or tv channel. It means that the public realise there are people in society who are opposed to the murder of unborn children, and do not want to see more lives damaged thanks to abortionists who earn a tidy sum doing it. 

We were treated to a generous lunch, then headed out again for the final push, covering a wide area and even more homes. It was an enjoyable day and time well spent.

Thank you to those who have already contacted me and distributed leaflets. Please send me a few paragraphs and photos of your own leafleting experience. It's nice to give people recognition, and it helps encourage others out there who are doing the same.

Perhaps you are someone who hasn't done much or any leafleting. Maybe you're busy in exam season, or with other work. It would be really great if we could have even more people to bring the pro-life message to others using the simple method of leafleting.

To order leaflets and get help to organise a leafleting team in your area, email me:

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