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Whirlwind UK universities pro-life tour has been great

Posted by Daniel Blackman on 2 December 2013

In September SPUC distributed 20 sets of fresher fair packs around the UK for students to give out to new members of their societies.

The packs contained SPUC literature on abortion and information about next year's international pro-life youth conference. It was good to hear that these packs were popular and in demand.

Sadly, some students have encountered hostility from other student groups and student union officers, who object to any pro-life presence at fresher fairs.

We followed this up with leafleting at universities around London during fresher fairs, as a way to offer something pro-life to as many new students as possible. Thousands of pro-life leaflets were given out. We wrote reports for some of the universities we leafleted:

On each occasion we faced aggressive opposition from a few vociferous students and even one member of staff. Read the reports so you get an idea of how things went. This is one reason why being actively pro-life and keeping the flame alive is so important.

The third part of our student strategy consisted in pro-life presentations at universities all over England, Scotland, and Wales. This began in October and is ongoing throughout November and early December. We've spoken at:

  • Nottingham
  • Leeds
  • Cardiff
  • King's College London
  • Lancaster
  • St Mary's Twickenham
  • Exeter
  • Bradford
  • Portsmouth
  • Oxford Brookes

That's not all - we've got three more coming up in the next few weeks.

These talks have been well received and have motivated students to become actively pro-life at their universities.

These presentations have been a great way to educate students, engage in discussion, introduce new people to the pro-life message and motivate people into action. We've also faced opposition on several occasions from groups wanting to disrupt the talks.

So you see that SPUC has been busy and has a keen interest in introducing pro-life education and action into universities. It is vital that we translate our pro-life message and beliefs into pro-life action for all those who will not hear the message unless each of us brings it to others. It has been good meeting lots of students, including those who are new to the pro-life movement.

Thanks to the popularity of these talks, and the clear demand for them, SPUC is able and willing to speak at more and more universities. If you would like a have a SPUC speaker at your university, please email us. Leafleting is vital for getting the message out to lots of students in a quick and practical way. Talks are good and important, but they must be followed up with outreach. As ever, SPUC has several projects in the pipeline for the new year.

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