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Hard-working pro-life volunteers should motivate us too!

Posted by Daniel Blackman on 19 August 2013

Volunteers are vital to the life of SPUC.

We have a regular team of volunteers who help out in various ways with our campaigns and office administration: compiling databases, processing petitions, handling the mail, sending out literature orders, and so on. Young adults make up a regular part of the team. They can be  students, workers, and recent graduates who want to give a bit of time to helping unborn children, by helping SPUC in its work.

We recently had a large number of volunteers at our office to process and dispatch SPUC's flagship newspaper the Pro-Life Times, which is published 2-3 times a year. Around 156,000 copies of the paper are printed, and then mailed out all over the country. At last count we have around 1,100 Pro-Life Times promoters around the UK. It's a big job, and a great achievement.

Stories in this edition include:

  • A professor's comments on the Liverpool Care Pathway
  • A large and sucessful pro-life march in Nigeria
  • The latest news about our Safe at School Campaign
  • A picture of our brand new Pro-Life Bag for Life designed by this year's SPUC interns.

It's a really good experience working as a volunteer at the SPUC London office. We cover your travel expenses (within London travel zones) and provide you with lunch. You can also get a good reference when it comes to applying for jobs and work experience.

If you'd like to get a copy of the newspaper, or become a Pro-Life Times promoter, or volunteer at the office email me at:

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