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Fresher Fair Packs

Posted by Daniel Blackman on 28 August 2013

On the 16th August the BBC reported that 401,540 applicants had been accepted for undergraduate courses.

That's a lot of new undergraduate students starting at universities this year and next year (some students defer entry to take a gap year). That figure doesn't even include those who will be accepted for courses via UCAS Clearing.

For pro-life societies this is an opportunity to introduce a brand new group of students to the message and work of the pro-life movement at university. It's a chance to gain new members, meaning more hands to do this important work on behalf of unborn children.

So, this is a quick note for university students. Each year SPUC posts bundles of Fresher Fair packs to student groups all over the UK. We're doing it again this year, and so far we have 14 orders for packs, and it's only August!

Each pack contains up to date pro-life literature, news, and forthcoming events. These packs are ideal for giving to new and existing members and students who are curious to learn more about pro-life topics.

These packs are prepared and posted at no cost whatsoever to the students.

To order a batch of 20 (or more if you want) simply email:

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